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RFS again has fined Petersburg Zenith

Today in Moscow the next session kontrolno - disciplinary committee RFS on which have accepted at once some decisions, directly concerning our Petersburg " has taken place; Zenith .

For throwing by fans of subjects on racetracks during a match Zenith - Krylja Sovetov Petersburg club have fined on 10 thousand roubles. Dik the Lawyer in which already time is fined on 30 thousand roubles - that is constant in this match ran out for limits of a technical zone (we will remind, last time   after game with Amkarom he had to leave 20 thousand wooden ) .

But not these become already standard penalties occupy now minds of fans and admirers of the Petersburg command. Today in the Belgian newspaper Gazeta van Antwerpen there was a material,   which essence consists that the head coach of our command finishes till the end of a season, and in November becomes the released trainer of modular Belgium on football.

the Meeting between the Lawyer and the chief executive of Federation of football of Belgium Jean - Mari Filipsom has taken place recently in a small Dutch small village that in 15 kilometres from the Dutch city of Hague, the native land of the head coach Petersburg Zenith . Further from article follows that the Small General at local restaurant has at dinner agreed on all offers of the Belgian party, having declared thus, truth that it will execute all obligations to the club in full. Also will start to work from young and ambitious modular Belgium on football only when at it the contract will end.