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The car with employees of company Siemens was undermined in Abkhazia

the Car with employees of the German company Siemens which are engaged in rehabilitation works on Ingursky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, on Wednesday was undermined on an extension with a grenade in Galsky area of Abkhazia, nobody has suffered, the chief of Galsky ROVD Laurens Kogonija has informed journalists.

incident has occurred in 17. 45 when experts came back after work home. The extension with grenade RGD - 5 has been established in the HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION tunnel.

In the car there were 12 employees of company Siemens from among local residents - has specified Kogonija.

He considers that the Georgian special services are involved in this explosion, informs RIA News .

the Given incident is directed on discrediting power structures and local authorities - the chief of militia considers. In its opinion, the explosion purpose - to prove inability of the Abkhazian authorities to provide to foreign experts of a condition for work on HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION.

Now on a scene the investigation team to which should find out how malefactors have got on protected territory of Ingursky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION works.

It - not the first case of penetration of the armed persons on HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION territory. On February, 20th about midnight two criminals in the masks, armed with the automatic weapon, in settlement Chigali have got into protected territory, have rushed into a premise where experts Siemens working on Ingursky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION are lodged.

Criminals have selected at them 500 chests and cellular telephones. However after the rendered resistance, attacking have disappeared.