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Weather forecasters warn, to Moscow there is a squally wind

Capital weather forecasters warn Muscovites - tonight in Moscow and Moscow suburbs sharp strengthening of a wind is expected.

On capital there is a squally wind which will strongly pull about Muscovites, publicity boards, trees and roofs. Branches of trees can fail on the parked cars, consider it, motorists.

And in some areas of Moscow are probable, besides, strong thunder-storms, passes Interfax .

In second half of day flaws can reach 15 - 20 metres per second. All the day long in a city there will be rains, places - thunder-storms - employees of Gidrometeobjuro of Moscow and Moscow Region have told.

From - for thunder-storms and torrential rains in some areas of Moscow traffic jams are formed, warns capital GAI.

By estimates of weather forecasters of the centre a Fobos for two days (on May, 12th and 13)   From the sky will pour out from 15 to 25 mm of water - that is from third to half of all monthly May norm of rains.

In transfer into more clear units of measure it means that on each square metre as though will overturn two buckets of water.

the cold snap will be one more unpleasant surprise of weather. This afternoon was all   +13... +15 degrees, on Thursday and Friday columns of thermometers will stiffen on +10.

the Night temperature by the end of working week will go down to +1... +6 degrees. And during week-end hydrometeorological centre of Russia promises frosts to - 1 degree.