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Andrey Tur: There were gamble that the government does not have plan of anti-recessionary measures. The plan is!

a press - conference on which acted the deputy minister of economy Andrey TOUR and the director of Department of a price policy of Ministry of Economics Igor FOMIN, has been devoted sore subjects: to liberalisation and an overcoming the crisis. But, most likely, heart is ill the Belarus officials not only about economic indicators, but also about image of the government. The whole series of statements began with words here say that . .

about the anti-recessionary plan

- the subject about absence of the plan of anti-recessionary measures at the government Now is especially speculated. I want to underline that the plan is! Simply it consists of four blocks.   the first is actually measures on struggle against crisis. The second - - actions for support valoobrazujushchih also it is export - the focused enterprises. The third - the liberalisation program. And the fourth - joint with the Russian Federation   actions for elimination of consequences of an economic crisis, - Andrey Tur has told.

about trading wars.

- Here speak - trading wars. Who has thought up this term? I do not know. If one shop has refused to take the goods of any manufacturer, it yet war. Probably, it had any more favourable offers! - the director of department of a price policy of Ministry of Economics Igor FOMIN has noted. - But the separate facts were. We have eliminated them. The project of the decree of the president in which it is forbidden to regional executive committees to interfere with free moving   the goods in the markets, it is already co-ordinated with all interested. Indirectly such interdiction already is in the antimonopoly law. But in the decree the direct interdiction contains. The decree exit will simplify struggle against such precedents. Even when an interdiction oral, action is demonstrable. There is testimony, other ways to establish truth.

about reforms and optimism

- Here speak - Tour not the reformer because does not go on the offered reforms. {} - Andrey Tur has told. - at Bogdankevicha and Zaiko the first point of the plan of reforms - the government says that the selected economic way was erroneous and starts new economic policy. How you regard such element of the program? To make bankrupt all unprofitable enterprises. To the unemployed to give the grants, equal to the living wage budget. But whence to take money? To reduce officials. But on the maintenance of officials leaves only 0,8 % of the budget. Besides, all do not reduce - how much - that remains, they too should be contained. Or to employ new, and to pay their maintenance. To release the enterprises for three years from taxes. And where then to take money? We already passed it. 2 years and 11 months of the enterprise worked without taxes, were then closed. Also were registered anew again to work without taxes. We agree that it is necessary to lower tax loading. A question in in what sequence and as quickly, not to destroy economy. Realisation mechanisms, time and sources of means should be registered in each plan of reforms. All offers are worthy. But it is necessary to estimate, what consequences can be. And to look, what reforms to refuse.
- so you the reformer?

- I the optimist!

about decrease in taxes  

- There is a project of changes in the tax code. The concrete list of taxes and tax collections, the accurate list of tax bearers and objects of the taxation will be created. Tax bases, rates and privileges under taxes are specified. Accurately also it is transparent procedures of declaring, charge and transfer of taxes in the budget, specifications of expenses on information, consulting both advertising services and an order of their inclusion in structure of expenses are registered. The period of payment of taxes is increased. And also there is a point on which the treatment of contradictions in tax trials will be in favour of the tax bearer. It will allow to lower tax burden on 1,3 % of gross national product, - Andrey has told TOUR.

. About rent

- rent optimisation Is provided. It is the document not Ministry of Economics, and the State Property Committee. A rent it is planned to untie from euro and to adhere to base size. All patterns of ownership will be shown in one document as razbrosannost norms at times creates possibility of different expounding.

about liberalisation terms

- All documents are already prepared, and directed on consideration. It is a final stage of work. But when them will sign, I cannot respond. If to speak about the signed documents, we yet have not mastered half of plan. But 60 % of documents on liberalisation are already accepted and prepared, - the deputy minister of economy has noted.