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In a zoo suggest to feed lizards and

the Behind the scenes of the Leningrad zoo workers in the night from 16 for May, 17th promise to show polar bears. At this particular time, from 6 evenings till 6 mornings, there passes the action Night of museums.

- we Will spend all interested persons in those corners of our zoo which are usually hidden from extraneous eyes: working rooms, internal premises, store rooms a museum, -     promises a press - the secretary of a zoo Anna Chugunova.

the Most interesting place for many the kitchen for animals can seem. Employees of a zoo will show, how do a forage for pupils.   and that words did not disperse from business, animals there and then it   and   will feed.

- Demonstration performances will be at tigers, sharks, raccoons and ravens, - Anna Chugunova speaks. - By the way, some it will be possible to feed and it is independent, for example, otters, polar bears, lizards and perepelov.

to Small visitors if evening appears solar, will show, how walk in the open air tiny volchat. Also will suggest to take away on a stable of a pony. Have prepared and not nurseries passions: an exhibition of spiders and fear rooms! The sounds curdling blood, unknown aromas, overcoming of obstacles, fried crickets are and many other things provided!


Cost of the subscription on visitation more than 40 museums (including zoo) -   only 250 rbl. can be bought the Subscription in any of museums participating in the program


the Detailed program of a feast

Behind zoo side scenes (visitors, following the scheme which has been given out on an input, walk on a zoo and visit a behind the scenes where workers of a zoo show and tell about daily work of a zoo)

With 18. 00 to 06. 00:

Pavilions Brown bears - excursion in an office corridor. Duration of 20 minutes

Insektary - 2 working rooms: fodder and decorative bespozvonochnye which visitors can at desire get. Duration of 15 minutes

Ekzotarium - 2 floor, rooms 211, 212. Duration of 15 minutes

the Aquarium - internal premises. Duration of 20 minutes It is possible to get water plants.

Sadovo - park department - gidroponnaja installation. It is possible to get sprouts and gidroponiku. Duration of 10 mines

Kormokuhnja and vivary - Excursion on a premise, feeding of rats. Duration of 20 minutes

It is repair - building department - Excursion on department, the story about transportations of animals with demonstration of transport cages. Duration of 20 minutes

the Stable - excursion in internal premises. Interactive game Withdraw a pony on a stable . Duration of 15 minutes

Veterinary department - office accommodations, the story about treatment of animals

the Track of the pathfinder - an exposition Hares at midnight on a glade mowed a grass (it is necessary to find animals)

Tigrjatnik - internal premises.

the Lecture hall - presentation In tropical wood

the Building of department of the trained animals - excursions on two floors. Duration of 20 mines

With 18. 00 to 24. 00 - a platform of a children`s zoo

18. 00 - 20. 00 , 21. 00 - 23. 00 - Winter gryzunjatnik - night rodents, insectivorous, marsupials. Duration of 15 minutes

19. 00 - 20. 00 , 21. 00 - 23. 00 :

Pavilion Birds - feeding perepelov and excursion on office premises of 1 floor

18. 30 - 20. 00 - walks with volchatami at solar weather (a lawn at a tent).


Indicative feedings

Paku, sharks, etc. fishes (with 18. 00), tropical predators (18. 00 - 18. 30) - ravens (with 18. 30), tigers (19. 00 - 19. 30), krohalej (in 20. 15), raccoons (in 20. 30), cormorants and pelicans (In 21. 00).

Visitors can feed:

Lizards (with 18. 30), otters (in 19. 30), perepelov, rats, polar bears (the bear ice-cream with 18. 00)

the Special program a fear Room (ekzotarium, 2 floor) (6) - an input for an additional payment. And also specially the exhibition of spiders is prepared for the action.