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In Tyumen onkodispansere will pass « day of open reception »

Within the limits of action all interested persons can pass routine inspection at highly skilled experts - oncologists, to receive consultation on interesting questions on a status of the health.

this day in polyclinic onkodispansera leading experts onkodispansera will conduct routine inspection and consultations: surgeons the general and torakalnyj, gynecologists, mammologii, urologists, otolaryngologists, have informed in department of public health services of area.

For additional inspections diagnostic offices and services (cytologic, radiological, ultrasonic diagnostics, a computer tomography, endoskopii) will work.

As well as in previous Days of open reception On May, 16th from 9 o`clock till 14 o`clock any person showing care of health can be converted into polyclinic onkodispansera on routine inspection without a direction.

Besides, oncologists will advise also those people whom after spent now everywhere preventive skriningovoj programs of Department of public health services (mammografija at women, the blood analysis at men) have been recommended for the DOG to consultation mammologa (women) or the urologist (men).

Care about own health - the major duty of each person.

At the reference in clinic polyclinic it is necessary to have at itself the passport and insurance policy OMS.