Rus News Journal

In Khabarovsk the swindler

Employees of criminal investigation department of Khabarovsk is detained have detained the man who a roguish way has received money in cash desk of the Amur river shipping company.

11 thousand roubles young chelovekpoluchil in addition   to the severance pay, having forged the corresponding document. The false inquiry have revealed in accounts department during check only through   some days after its presentation on what at once have informed in militia.

During the investigation   field investigators   by means of employees of security of the enterprise have established the person of the swindler, but to detain him it was possible a bit later as that disappeared at the acquaintances.

It was found out that the detained man worked earlier in   the Amur river shipping company and recently has been dismissed. It has left to itself(himself)   from last work rashodno - the cash warrant, having forged which, also has received   the salary.

the Swindler   already we judge   twice; For armed assaults. Is available for it and a previous conviction for   recent theft. Now to this list to be added and article for swindle. Informs the Press - service of the Department of Internal Affairs across Khabarovsk territory