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The snow cyclone has fallen upon Sakhalin

the May cold snap became the present test for Sakhalin and Southern Yakutia. On Thursday morning the powerful snow cyclone has fallen upon island: temperature here pljusovaja, therefore falling snow   quickly thaws.

Flaws reach twenty metres per second. Under forecasts of weather forecasters, the elements will behave violently the whole day long.

Planes to Sakhalin while fly under the schedule, but movement of courts on a ferry of Vanino - Holmsk   while it is suspended, passes ITAR - TASS.

More than two thousand inhabitants of Southern Yakutia on - former remain, in the meantime, without an electricity. Power promise to restore completely an electrical supply by Saturday. Work is complicated strongly by a considerable quantity of the dropped out snow, in some places its level and at all reaches 130 sm, informs RIA Novosti news agency .  

we Will remind, the elements have struck across Southern Yakutia past Monday: In few hours in Nerjungrinsky area has dropped out twice more snow, than it is provided by decade norm, and in Aldan area the monthly norm of deposits has dropped out. Depth of snow here reaches semimeter. From - for failures on transmission lines without an electricity there were inhabitants of several settlements of Aldan and Nerjungrinsky areas.