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The authorities money will not offend the newspapers

to the Authorities it is necessary poumerit the appetites. About it the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev was accurately enough expressed in the message to Federal meeting. He has declared that « authorities should get rid of the property which is not concerning performance of their duties ». One of these days regional and city budgets for 2011 have been accepted. A leah changes after the Message of the president have been made there?

As it is paradoxical sounds, but a devastation city « a pocket » by preparation of commemorating of anniversary of Yaroslavl it was necessary as it is impossible by the way. From - for the big expenditure for the organisation of a feast the mayoralty has said goodbye to a part of municipal property. We observed its active sale this year - from a hammer the markets, department store &hellip have left;

the President in the Message has noticed that « authorities should not be owners of factories, newspapers, steamships ». And after all the mayoralty is also the founder of the newspaper « City news ». But here any financial reductions on the bill of this edition in 2011 - m it is not planned.

- In the budget the next year there will be approximately a same sum, a difference of copecks, - the deputy chief of department of information service of the mayoralty of Yaroslavl Sergey Fedorov has explained.

the Sum - almost 13 million roubles. Newspaper circulation - about 22 thousand copies. It is necessary to give due - circulation considerable. Means, the newspaper has generated for a long time already the audience. At this deal if the mayoralty to execute the Message refuses edition financing, it, on idea, should not to suffer. Time the newspaper is popular, a leah is sense « to drag » it at the expense of tax money, our money? The answer is obvious – the popular large edition will come up and by own strength.

And here in the government property in literal sense of newspapers is not present. Is gosudarstvennoeavtonomnoe establishment of Yaroslavl region « News agency « the Top Volga » which is engaged in informing of the population on activity of enforcement authorities. This agency - the founder oblastnojgazety « the Yaroslavl region ». The newspaper has started to leave one year ago, having replaced the popular edition « the Youth » (which founder was   in due time management on the youth policy of the Government of area). Circulation « the Yaroslavl region » - 5 thousand. About what sums are allocated for the edition for 2011, it was not possible to learn - to us have explained that financing passes under different articles. But special changes in comparison with this year and this newspaper do not threaten.

- « the Yaroslavl region » will not suffer, numbers will let out, - Olga Lileeva has explained the head of department of communications and public relations of the Government of Yaroslavl region.

it is necessary to remind only that these mass-media are financed from the budget, that is - on tax money which, alas, nobody asked. And the rights the president: let they will go to free swimming.   if these « factories - newspapers - steamships » to someone are necessary, if the reader is ready to open the purse and to vote for them the rouble - perfectly!