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In supermarkets force to check bags, and for safety do not respond!

in many supermarkets do not let in a trading floor with bags and packages, and I carry often with myself important documents plus gifts expensive I buy by New year and categorically I do not want to leave a bag in cells with shaky locks. Especially taking into account that near to left-luggage offices the tablet usually hangs that for loss and damage of property the shop in any way does not respond. A leah I can as - that to defend the rights in such situation?

Responds the head of the legal company « Yeliseyev and partners » lawyer Sergey Yeliseyev:

- In self-service shops consumers are not obliged to check the things!

I will explain: having accepted a bag on storage by any way - whether it be the chamber or the employee - the inspector at an input, the seller concludes the oral contract on gratuitous granting of service of storage of things with the consumer. And to force to the conclusion of such contract shop, somebody has no lawful basis. Any shop fine is informed on it!

keep in mind: obliging to hand over bags, shop protection imposes the conclusion of the contract of storage, than breaks article 421 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, protecting principles of freedom of the contract.

if protection goes on the conflict and refuses to let in you with bags shop, at once demand the Complaint book. In it in detail describe a situation with instructions of infringement of the rights of the consumer.

pay attention : the shop in this case breaks also article 426 of the Civil code - a principle of publicity of the contract. According to this article the seller has no right to refuse on sale of the goods to the buyer in the presence of possibility to sell the demanded goods. And a bag in a trading floor to goods sale it is obvious by no means cannot prevent. So it is available the fact of infringement of rules of trade (article 14. 15 Codes of the Russian Federation about administrative offences). Therefore you also can be converted at once with the complaint in Rospotrebnadzor who for an administrative offence will fine a shop on 10 000 - 30 000 roubles.

dear readers, you also can ask the question on the rights of consumers in responses to this article.