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The man has handed over the bridge... In scrap metal

In the Orenburg state farm « Guberlinsky » 50 - summer Ivan Vasilev (the name and a surname are changed) held not last post. Therefore fine knew that documents on constructed in 80 - e years the bridge for a long time have got lost. Consider that the ownerless. « and that to good to vanish » - Vasilev has solved. From this bridge it is possible to cut off and hand over metal sheets in scrap metal!

- People seldom used this pontoon crossing, basically on it drove cattle in fields from village Beloshapka. On other party of a small rivulet the point has just been equipped chabanskaja, there was a carriage, - the assistant to the public prosecutor of Gajsky area Alexander Habibullin has told . - the Man has employed a brigade which pored two days over an old design, and improvised considered that work on the lawful bases.

Disassembled bridge Vasilev has handed over on scrap metal and has received 50 thousand roubles. From them 15 thousand visors to itself, the rest - to workers. The man counted that « loss » nobody has noticed, here only vigilant peasants have complained in militia:

- the Lie that the bridge was not necessary to anybody! We used it!

Vasileva have punished – have sentenced by 180 o`clock corrective works. Since the next Monday it should for four hours per day work for the blessing of native village. Till the spring when the cattle will need to be expelled on a pasture, the state farm management should solve a question with the new bridge.