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Moldova has not supported the antinazi resolution of the United Nations, and Russia for it has denounced us

At the initiative of Russia   genassambleja the United Nations decided destiny of the resolution calling the states to struggle with geroizatsiej of nazism. The resolution provides struggle against any kinds of glorifying of nazism and attempts of defiling or destruction of monuments by that who battled against fascists in the Second World War.  

the Resolution named « Inadmissibility of certain kinds of practice which contribute in escalation of modern forms of racism, a racial discrimination, xenophobia and the intolerance connected with them ».  
In the document it is especially underlined that erection of monuments in honour esesovtsev, carrying out of their processions and other similar actions defile memory of uncountable victims of fascism, negatively influence rising generation, are absolutely incompatible with obligations of member states of the United Nations.
Besides, in 5 point of a deciding part of the resolution it is expressed concern in incessant attempts of defiling or destruction of monuments, erected in memory of those who struggled against nazism in days of the Second World War, and also illegal exhumation or carrying over of remains of such persons . Besides, in the given point the appeal to the states " contains; to the full to observe thereupon the corresponding obligations, in particular under article 34 of Additional report 1 to the Geneva conventions of 1949 .
the Resolution has been accepted. It have countenanced overwhelming majority of voices. « for » struggle against nazism 129 countries, against &mdash have acted; only three (the USA and two island states - Marshall Islands and Palau).  
And here some countries and were not defined with the relation to a nazism problem. 52 states have refrained from voting -   Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, the EU countries and Baltics.  
we Will remind, as last year Moldova has refrained from voting by the resolution « about inadmissibility of certain kinds of the practice contributing in escalation of modern forms of racism, a racial discrimination, xenophobia and the intolerance connected with them ». By the way, then « for » the resolution all CIS countries &mdash have voted; aside there was only Moldova and Ukraine.  
And At this time  
the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia denounces refusal of delegation of Moldova to vote for the offered resolution denouncing geroizatsiju of nazism.  
- has attracted attention and a position of the refrained from voting delegations of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, whose people wared in days of the Great Patriotic War against fascism in the ranks of Red Army. It is thought that it is disrespect for exploit of those who has glorified these countries the exploits in struggle against nazism, - is noted in the comment the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.