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In feasts kirovchane will lose the cars if will leave them on road

last New Year`s feasts when a city has suddenly brought so Are remembered that neither to pass - nor to drive was. The services which are doing the cleaning and snow export, have appeared are not ready to such surprises. Moreover and many kirovchane have thrown the cars on all target directly lengthways proezzhej parts, it have added superfluous problems to special services.

Last year has taught, the authorities have assured that this time the such will not occur.

- In Kirov 284 units of snow-removing technics, - the new assistant to the head of administration of Kirov Dmitry Dranyj has told at meeting at the governor of the region, - snow is taken out under the made schedule, first of all, from the main streets, then from the minor. The basic cleaning of snow occurs at night.

and at night many throw the cars at roadsides. And in New Year`s feasts kirovchane especially abuse, leaving the « swallows » Along road for some days. If in target cars at roadsides will disturb   to snow cleaning, them evacuate. For 2010 on parking place 700 cars have visited. The first days the car will stand free of charge, after -   per every day it is necessary to pay.

At meeting governor of the region Nikita Belyh has obliged responsible for an accomplishment in Kirov to hang out at entrances of each house of the announcement of that drivers did not leave the cars, and also phone numbers of dispatching services where it is possible to complain.

it is important

Where to call if has not found the car, there where has left:
(8332 64 - 79 - 82, 64 - 38 - 77 or 002
Where to complain of the roads filled up with snow and court yard:


How much snow have taken out from Kirov for three years:
2008 - 193 000 tons
2009 - 194 000 tons
2010 - 369 000 tons