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City comfort or green space cosiness?

solving the room question, many voronezhtsy rise before a choice: to buy apartment in the centre of city jungle, to have near by some shopping centres, abundant of cinemas and other delights of life, or nevertheless to lodge in the dormitory area, buried in verdure trees, in the distance from vanity and cares of a modern megacity? Each variant is good on - to the. Two apartment houses of the building company « the Choice » along the street to Timirjazeva and Voroshilov`s street excellent to volume acknowledgement.

Timirjazeva, 27: an embodiment of your imagination in non-polluting area

the First point of our survey - the new house along the street Timirjazeva located in area SHI.

Now 17 - the floor building is shrouded by snow. But in the spring it will turn again to a heavenly spot, buried in verdure an adjoining forest park. The healthy ecology, perfect view from the window and singing of birds - all these advantages will by all means appreciate in the mornings tenants of the new house. The smallest move-ins will be pleased also with a multipurpose children`s playground which will appear directly at them in a court yard.
the neighbourhood with wood does not do the house torn off from a civilisation. Absolutely nearby two stops of public transport, school, a garden, polyclinic, grocery shops and, certainly, solid high schools of Voronezh - the Voronezh state timber college and the Voronezh state agrarian university of a name of K.D.Glinka. In general all infrastructure necessary for life. As to rest, in immediate proximity from the new house the tree nursery is located. As a matter of fact it is the big natural park where it is possible to take a walk and get acquainted with the rare kinds of plants.

In the new house on Timirjazeva of 655 apartments with a various lay-out and komnatnostju - for all tastes and a prosperity. Possibility to visit a role of the architect and the designer of the new dwelling becomes a pleasant surprise for potential buyers. The matter is that at the heart of a structure bearing columns which allow to do full re-planning of apartments without damage to a building lie.
for today the house is almost ready: its first two entrances will accept tenants in December, other two - right after New year.


Voroshilov, 43: fast and qualitative habitation in the centre of Voronezh

This house have started to erect all couple of months back, however wishing to get there habitation it is not necessary to shelve purchase. According to the builder, in a year 17 - etazhka in the street Voroshilov it will be ready. And, as you understand, 238 apartments in the new house in city centre will scatter quickly. As their cost at the expense of the compact sizes is attractive enough to such area. And a parity « the price - quality » from such deal does not suffer affliction at all. On the contrary, the house is constructed on modern technologies and warmed polistirolbetonom. By the way, this way makes today a serious competition to the most popular methods of warming. One of its key properties is sound insulation - very necessary quality for each apartment house.

Besides it, 17 - etazhka on Voroshilov - the present find for judges of city comfort. Shopping centres, schools, kindergartens, beauty salons, mini - the markets, banks - all necessary objects of an infrastructure to your order in step-by-step availability. If you and it have not enough, only ten minutes of driving, and you already in the heart of the city - on the prospectus of Revolution or on Plehanovsky. Thus such « centrality » will not make its too noisy place for you and your children at home. The building arrangement allows to remain to it chamber and cosy, despite surrounding vanity of a megacity.

Meanwhile to buy apartment in this house it is possible already now. It is Enough to be converted into a sales department « the Choice » where to you will pick up the form convenient for you opla -
you - for example, by instalments or on credit.


the Building organisation of Open Company « the CHOICE » Works since 1997. Terms, quality, the documentation are three whales on whom all strategy of the company is under construction.
thanks to erection of qualitative habitation on the advanced technologies and unconditional performance of the planned terms of delivery of objects the company quickly enough has got positive, stable reputation in the building market of Chernozem region. In 2006 « the CHOICE » it is awarded by the diploma 3 - j degrees by results of annual regional competition on the best building organisation of area.


Open Company « the Choice »

it is possible to familiarise With the design declaration to the address: Voronezh, street Vl. Neva, 19

+7(4732) 25 - 12 - 80, 22 - 33 - 99 (the secretary/ a fax)
+7(4732) 22 - 33 - 77, 22 - 33 - 88, 25 - 17 - 37, 35 - 06 - 55 (department of realisation of apartments)
+7(4732) 22 - 33 - 85 (bookkeeper)
+7(4732) 22 - 33 - 72 (supply department)

the work Schedule:
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a dinner. The lane 12. 00 - 13. 00
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