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Beautiful women do not take for work

According to the research, spent Business - school of Koloradsky university (USA), there, where the beauty has no value, to charming women it nothing to catch without dependence from their personal and business qualities. Here some of such posts and trades: the head design - design department, the financial director, the mechanical engineer, the construction superintendent, the chief of security service, the seller of the computer equipment, the jailer, the trucker...

it was found out almost obvious: the beautiful woman is conceived as a picture, a toy, it is difficult to concern it seriously, to charge it challenging tasks, to wait from it for carefully thought over strategy, abilities to work with collective and on a broader scale abilities (and desires, probably) hard and persistently to stick, having clenched teeth.

« seductive external appearance — a huge minus for the women, wishing to get such work, — The author of research of Stephanie Johnson speaks. — it is easy to them to get on a post of the employee in a reception or the secretary, and in many other cases at employment at the person and a figure of the lady will look too very attentively, but only not here. And here as to men their external appearance has no value. It is better to take the man, than not too attractive woman for work. Double gender standards - with... »

By the way, marks Stephanie Johnson, as a whole to beautiful people always and everywhere a shrove: at them the salary is more, results of their activity are better estimated by the heads, it is easier to them to pass examinations in college, they collect votes on elections is easier and is more often win litigations.

results of research are published in edition Journal of Social Psychology.

And At this time

it is valid, it is possible to have two higher educations, the nobility four languages and thus for years to sit without work. All is simple: you very beautiful girl.

economists from University Ben - Guriona, Israel, have confirmed Stephanie Johnson`s supervision. They have selected 5312 persons searching for work on absolutely different specialities. Then have made on three copies of each of the resume: one have illustrated with a photo of the beautiful girl, the second - ordinary, and to the third at all have not put a picture. Then all copies have dispatched in 2000 companies.
resumes without a photo, on the second place - ordinary candidates, and on the last - beautiful have appeared the most demanded. In end of experiment researchers have interrogated employers why beautiful women are blacklisted.

All has appeared very simply. The first reason of discrimination of beauties that as personnel officers attractive girls at the age from 25 till 35 years usually work. They obviously negatively concern potential competitors.

« If the woman puts a photo to the resume, the impression as if she wants to play on the beauty, instead of on professional qualities " is made; — the personnel expert advising research explains. — and if so the man arrives, means, it is self-assured also the appeal that at once adds to it of points ».