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The official does not respond to your complaints? It can be punished

  — How it is possible to register in reception? We from Troitsk, are the urged immigrants.

— In the beginning of next year I on Wednesdays will leave in cities and area areas to conduct reception. In the first of January there will be a schedule. You can communicate to me directly in Troitsk. Or come to Chelyabinsk. We will accept to the address: Sleepyheads of the Curve, 75, offices 401 — 403. I conduct reception every Wednesday month. In other days it is possible to be converted to my assistants. It is possible to call them (351 720 - 72 - 22. Also we wait for voluntary public assistants. Already nearby 15 persons have filled questionnaires and are ready to work with us.

In the near future we will create a blog on the Internet where it will be possible to ask preliminary questions.

— And how much already references?

— In total has arrived about 300 references. 157 from them are at us on control. It is necessary to understand that the representative under human rights — it not a complaint book. We consider case cases. Our problem — to see system infringements in the legislation, restraining human rights, to create legal culture in authorities on interaction with citizens.

To the authorities be converted in writing!

Alexey Sevastyanov.

My son some years ago has opened the firm, but any affairs did not conduct, it has not turned out. The pension fund has counted to it the penalty — 21 thousand which it is necessary to pay, without it firm not to close. But at the son the salary of 11 thousand roubles. And to us such penalty not to pull. Thought to take the credit, but banks do not give. How so, activity was not, and taxes pay?

— to Pay taxes — our duty and if there is a taxable base, according to the legislation it is necessary to pay. But in your case, I have understood that such base was not. You should be converted to the good bookkeeper and the auditor, correctly to fill documents. Still try such variant: be converted into the Pension fund in writing with the request to give out the inquiry necessary for closing of firm. If do not give out, tighten the answer — There is an occasion to be converted into court.

On a broader scale to all I want to recommend: communicate with the authorities in writing — it is officials to much obliges. And the oral answer, as they say, to business you will not sew.

— I soon go not pension. Also counted on factor 1,2, but in the Pension fund have lost documents on my salary in 2005. Explain supposedly at them any deluge was, moved, passed documents. What to do, after all I will lose money?

— the Most simple way — to be converted into court upon an establishment of your salary. To invite bookkeepers from a place of your work, to request sheets, to look at deductions in the Pension fund. Such statement is considered within a month. The second way — to be converted into State archive where the documents necessary to you too should be stored.

— Fried Markovna disturbs. At me municipal problems, I write letters and to officials and the deputy, but they do not respond, or send formal replies.

— There is a law on the reference of citizens where all terms of answers are registered. They make till 30 days. If it is not necessary to lift any additional information the answer it is possible to wait and after 15 days. The official who has broken terms, can be involved in administrative responsibility. But sometimes, I know, to citizens send intermediate answers, explaining that it is necessary to understand a situation. As to formal replies in each case it is necessary to understand — a leah to the address you are converted with the problem.

How to affect a management company

— Senior on the house 1 on street Bolejko disturbs. Our house concerns to DEZ Kalininsky area. We put in the statement, but to us refuse to do recalculation of a payment for heating. In May of the battery there were hot three days, and have counted under the monthly average tariff of 245 roubles for 10 — 11 days.

— the recalculation Technique is reflected in 491 - m the governmental order of the Russian Federation …

— All of us know it! Even were converted in Goszhilinspektsiju, but to us the formal reply has come, even into place did not leave, the facts did not check.

— Then take your calculations, references and answers of all instances including Goszhilinspektsii, and be converted into court.

— It is useless!

— At all is not present. We have a legal centre at Public chamber. They can give the representatives on such process. Besides, at the Ministry of Justice it is possible to receive legal services free of charge. If all it does not help, register to us in reception. But keep in mind, I will not consider your complaint concerning DEZa. Because this your private affair, especially and DEZ — the private company. These mutual relations are regulated by the civil legislation. Another matter if you have received incompetent formal replies from authorities — then we will interfere.

— Yes we already on DEZ and in Office of Public Prosecutor complained, and in Rospotrebnadzor, anybody cannot affect them!

— But you can affect them! For this purpose it is just necessary to replace a management company.

Red tape from - for errors in papers

— When registered the automobile trailer 18 years ago, there was an introduced error. In documents have put not that number which stood on the trailer. When has come on a re-registration, the error was found out, but me have accused almost that I this trailer has stolen. Have involved the inspector, the expert - the criminalist. Then speak: prove in court that your trailer. And where I will find the seller who to me has sold it, after all so much years have passed! In general, now my trailer do not register.

— Really, it is serious enough thing. Authorities shift the fault on you — prove in court. And the court has formally enough approached to a problem — there is no seller, and a point. Why you should suffer affliction from - for traffic police errors? I think, you should come to us as for today it is independent to you this situation, most likely, not to solve.

Protection of children — first of all

— In what cases the representative under human rights can interfere with private mutual relations?

— When the question concerns the rights of children. The child cannot bring an action, be converted into law enforcement bodies. In particular, the representative by the rights of the child Margarita Borovchenko was present on process of so-called two wills. When the aged drinking grandfather has made the will on another`s person — the militiaman, having deprived of the grandson - the orphan of apartment whom that would inherit.

— I in 2003 have divorced. We with the spouse lived in not privatised apartment. Wanted to divide on - good. But it refuses to privatise. Without its consent it is impossible to spend this procedure. I have passed all courts.

— the Situation uneasy, you with the wife should agree. It is necessary to divide property. On idea, I cannot interfere with your civil mutual relations, but I see here a system problem of the legislation when without the consent of the spouse it is impossible to privatise habitation. I think, you should be converted to me in writing, having stated your drudgeries. The representative interferes in more often when the state breaks the rights of citizens.

— All to me nod on 82 - ju article of the Housing code, which sense in to producing a communal flat. But from - for it I am deprived the privatisation right. At us with the former wife one contract of hiring. Though we 7 years as another`s people. The court refuses to divide this contract for two.

— It is necessary to pay attention of the state to this problem. I urge you to describe this case. It will give the chance to us to analyse business about infringement of the rights and to be converted to the legislator with the request to change this position. It is convinced, not you one have come up against such situation.


Tenants of hostels — the most deprived of civil rights

In our area it is a lot of tenants of the hostels deprived of the right of privatisation. When - that all hostels were state or municipal. Therefore people had the right to privatise the rooms. However when factories and factories became private, hostels became private also. And possibilities to privatise square metres tenants have lost. According to article 92 of the Housing code of a hostel can be only in the state or municipal available housing. Therefore it is frequent their present owners — the enterprises — register such buildings as uninhabited though thus lease rooms, establishing a considerable payment for residing and a communal flat. In our area the working group which should find a way of transfer of hostels in the municipal property and the conclusions with tenants of contracts of social hiring is created.