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In Chelyabinsk the kindergarten

Morning of environment burnt has brought to kids from kindergarten 262 that in Traktorozavodsky area, weight of impressions. And here to their parents — hassle and stress. State of emergency has occurred at the ninth o`clock. From a preschool centre cellar has suddenly tumbled down a smoke. Tutors have rushed to collect kids and to deduce them on street. The arrived firemen were convinced that kindling trifling. The stuff burnt: the old rags, the broken furniture and other unnecessary things which dumped in an economic premise. In 20 minutes ognebortsy turned off fire hoses. But to return children in the smoked building it was impossible, and to hold them on a frost and to wait, while parents will break from work and will arrive for children, — especially.

167 madcaps have moved to be heated in the nearest state institutions. The most part have sheltered at the next school 101, the others have come to be in the police station located nearby. Ringing round and waiting all parents, some hours have left. Malyshne it was necessary to pass the second breakfast and a dinner.

the Cause of the fire have established: in that morning in a cellar the mechanic &mdash worked; repaired heating. It cut « the Bulgarian » a pipe, and sparks have got on combustible things. According to parents, repair in a garden goes two weeks. Have struck frosts, in groups it was cold, here and have started urgent repairing of batteries.

Gospozhnadzor inspects, a leah fire norms were broken in a kindergarten. Results of audit will announce in some days. And here at Office of Public Prosecutor variety of claims to a preschool centre management has already collected.

— In - the first, under the law on incident in a kindergarten should notify at once Office of Public Prosecutor, — the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Traktorozavodsky area of Chelyabinsk Elena Tsomkalova speaks. — To us this information has arrived from militia when there have resulted evacuated children. In - the second, under the fire prevention rules operating still since 1989, it is forbidden to spend inflammable works when indoors there are children. In - the third, with employees instructing as to conduct in case of state of emergency was not spent. And after all ahead New Year`s morning performances!

Besides, checking remained are dissatisfied with that to children have not called « Fast ». After their all adventures the doctor should examine. And in a kindergarten of the licensed physician is not present.

the Office of Public Prosecutor is going to be converted into management on affairs of education of Chelyabinsk with the requirement to punish managing by a garden, and also prepares documents in court to fine it.

— Thank God, nobody has suffered, — Elena Tsomkalova, &mdash speaks; but from this situation all should draw conclusions. We will dispatch a reminder on all kindergartens of a city that first of all it is necessary to remember security of children. And in the area we will spend checks, morning performances will be how much professionally and safely organised.