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Snow on a head : Nikita Mikhalkov`s Son zakadril in Yaroslavl the girl

- Among themselves we this film name « Greetings, « the Twist of fate » because the mood in it such - rjazanovskoe, - is told by the author of idea of a film, the head of Chamber theatre Yury Vaksman. Is a lovely, kind fairy tale on love. Very magic. In it a special status, even music is similar to that that sounds in a known comedy of Eldara so the Yaroslavl composer Andrey Komarov has precisely got to mood!

this New Year`s fairy tale on love after the journey Begins. The main heroine, student Nika, (Elena Laguta) goes on a hen night to country boarding house. Nika has just graduated from the university and is going to marry. However on road of its car cuts pink « Bjuik » with very attractive young journalist at the wheel (Artem Mikhalkov - Nikita Mikhalkov`s son). Here - that all also begins.

This couple is reduced endlessly together by snow jams on roads, and each time their meeting comes to an end with quarrel. But them pulls to each other, as magnets. As a result the heroine understands that cannot live without the newly appeared acquaintance... So the history end on - New Year`s happy.

In the picture which has been removed by a movie company « JArfilm » we will see many the Yaroslavl corners: streets of Kirov, Antropov, Saltykova - Schedrin, the area Near the station and new houses at shopping centre « the Globe ».

TV channel « Russia »
on December, 26th, Sunday, 21. 05