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Omich, having failed under snow, has scalded a foot in boiled water

This winter it any more the first municipal failure, from - for which the person suffers affliction.

Almost one month ago in one of apartments 13 - go houses in the street Zaozernoj has burst a heating pipe. Then the elderly mistress has scalded boiled water and has died of burns, and the neighbour`s boy who has tried it to rescue, has burnt both feet.

In the end of last week boiled water has rushed in inhabited quarter in the street Arctic. Scalded feet 70 - the summer pensioner now lies in hospital.

And here now one more history. From - for break of a waterpipe with hot water in the street 5 - I Kordnaja, 20 omich Sergey Shustov has appeared in burn centre BSMP 1.      

- All has occurred about eight o`clock in the morning, - the victim tells. - I left the house and have gone on a stop to leave for work. Went on sidewalk, has seen steam, but has thought, that it simply smoke from an exhaust pipe of any car. And suddenly my left foot has failed during snow.

And further, according to Sergey, all was as if in a fog.

- My first reaction is how I in a trice have removed a boot and has thrust a foot in a snowdrift under which, thank God, boiled water has not appeared, - speaks 27 - summer omich. - Then has quickly come running home, has removed a sock and has seen that on stop of a live place is not present! It was necessary to call there and then « fast »!

By the way, in boiled water could scald and other people.  

- Ahead of me there was a girl with the small child! - Sergey remembers. - and if they have appeared on my place?! It is good that they have curtailed in time from sidewalk …

In 20 minutes after Sergey has suffered, a dangerous site on 5 - j with Kordnoj kommunalshchiki have fenced from passers-by. And Shustova are treated now by doctors. At it a burn of foot of III degree.

- the Doctor says that after an extract I as early as - ones and a half will need to go a year on inspections that there were no complications with sinews and sheaves on a foot, - the man worries.

- I want, that to me have indemnified a loss, - he firmly speaks. - when I will leave from BSMP, I will necessarily bring an action the claim!    

the Comment « the Thermal company »        

- there Was a local damage of a thermal network of the house 20 along the street 5 - oh Kordnoj, - the chief engineer « has told; the Thermal company » Alexey Petrishchev. - Consequences have been operatively eliminated. In 10. 40 have warmly disconnected, and already in 16. 45 have started, and tenants did not remain on this time without hot water.

As to a situation with Sergey Shustovym, it is on control at « the Thermal company » office investigation is conducted. To us it is not absolutely clear, why he has not noticed steam and that water on that site already left on an earth surface. However if Sergey as a result of this case loses work capacity, to the victim, naturally, the caused damage will be compensated.