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Smith Shustrova who has written to Putin about shop in whom it worked, have dismissed from factory

Today, on December, 23rd, it became known that from the Yaroslavl motor factory have dismissed smith Nikolay Shustrova. That which has written the letter to Vladimir Putin during visit of the prime minister on factory « the Autodiesel engine ».

we Will remind, in June, during visit to Yaroslavl region the prime minister - the minister has unexpectedly changed the route and has asked to find at factory « the Autodiesel engine » smith Nikolay Shustrova. It has appeared, the smith has written to Vladimir Putin the letter, having suggested to visit there where do not drive honoured guests – in a factory smithy. Shustrov did not expect the response to the letter, but the prime minister has met the guy.

that such initiative can auknutsja, Nikolay already thought.

- About me speak - work now will lose. Well also what? Let also I will lose. I about what do not feel sorry, - he then has declared to the correspondent « (read: « Nikolay Shustrov: « I do not feel sorry that has invited to Vladimir Putin`s factory ») .

When Vladimir Putin came to Yaroslavl, it has met smith Shustrovym.
the Photo: stcnet. ru

And here now Nikolay considers itself as the unemployed. We have phoned to it.

- Nikolay, you truth have dismissed?

- Yes, dismiss. To me on November, 8th on one and a half month have prolonged the contract. And now – all.

- As to you have explained dismissal?

- And in any way. Simply all to whom and further have prolonged, have called. And me – no.

- you consider, what it is connected with your letter to Putin?

- Yes, I am assured.

- And what your further actions? Will struggle?

- I Will be. I will make noise.

Meanwhile, officially it still is registered on the employee of factory.

- it is not dismissed. It while works, - have informed us in a staff department of motor factory. - works till the end of the year.


« SHustrova nobody dismissed during all action of the urgent labour contract which even lasted some time.   it was not the constant worker, and period of validity of its contract has ended, as well as at a number of other time workers of the enterprise ».


Now the factory says goodbye to some employees, but still recently was in great need in labour. It has appeared that as well as other factories, at Motor after business crisis have gone uphill, output has increased. And in April the factory declared a set of 510 employees.