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Family sketches have found the winners

Therefore it has given the chance to show to children the abilities, having made it it is cheerful and interesting, and at the same time and to get prizes for the work. Children`s competition « has ended; Family sketches » results are brought, fanfares sound...

the Photo: KOROTEYEV`S Lily.

Competition   in Kursk   Passed two Saturdays on end, on December, 4th and 11, in the supercenter « Europe » and trading - the entertaining centre « Europe - 10 ». Children took part In competition from 4 till 12 years, and their main problem was to draw the family as they it see. On territories of Evrasik - park where took place competition, have gathered both artists, and their parents. When they have come there, all was ready to creativity: on little tables pencils, felt-tip pens, a water colour and brushes are spread out. It was necessary to start creation of masterpieces only. Young artists - natures creative, therefore their imaginations were not borders. Small participant Lilja tried with might and main: « I like to draw paints and felt-tip pens, at me the family in happy - pink tones » has turned out;. And though she is assured that the main thing not victory, and participation, a prize to receive to it, certainly, it would be desirable.        

the Photo: KOROTEYEV`S Lily.

That all have received an award for the diligence, organizers have prepared for each participant gifts. And that who has bought over 800 ml of mayonnaise « the Large village » the special prize - a set « was handed over; the Sculptor » for children`s creativity. The destiny of the main prize has been solved after viewing of works by strict and competent jury. It was hard to teachers of art schools to choose from more than hundred works only five drawings - winners.    

Competition passed cheerfully: children drew under music in the company with fantastic Malvinoj. To entertain small « Picasso » at it it turned out excellently. And then Jack Vorobej who has staged show of soap bubbles has joined it also.   and still to each interested person put present akvagrim.

A photo: KOROTEYEV`S Lily.

Competition has passed wonderfully well and has turned in   the present children`s feast. Kids have received weight of pleasures   and good mood, and parents have received one more occasion to be proud of children. And unless something can be more important than it?
well, if only winners. Five children in different age categories became them. Honourable rewarding has passed on December, 18th in Europe - 10. Together with congratulations and wishes to participate and the next year in competition they have received a card of Evrasik - park cheerfully to note the victory. Drawings of winners are published in our number, and also on a trade mark site « the Large village » www. family. sloboda. efko. ru.

under TM « the Large village » natural high-quality foodstuff - sunflower-seed oil and mayonnaise is issued. Thanks to system ORGANIK - CONTROL
in manufacture of products TM « the Large village » components of exclusively natural origin are supposed.

Liliana Golovina, 5 years: - I like to draw. Usually I draw felt-tip pens because I am afraid that paints will spread. But I both paints, and felt-tip pens, and pencils have drawn the picture. On it my family - mum, the father, brother David and a favourite cat of Dusja on the sea. I there never was, but very much I want to go.


Sasha Timoshenko, 10 years: - To us have told that it is possible to draw somehow. I liked idea to draw a family in wood, and has made. Here we with mum and the father mushroom. It is interesting. We like to walk during week-end in wood together.


Olja Shishkov, 9 years: - I like to draw. I like paints - they on - especial draw as - that. And at competition I drew felt-tip pens - too beautifully it turns out. I on a broader scale like to draw the family -   mum, the father and the small sister, it   too likes to draw. Competition very much was pleasant to me, especially Malvina - such beautiful.


Nastja Galudina, 7 years: - In my drawing I with mum in wood. I there was, not so it was pleasant to me, but there it is beautiful. The first time in competition participated and it is very glad that has won. I will ask now mum to write down me in art school. Because I like to draw, at me always the five on drawing at school.


the Author of this drawing - Nastju Shestavinu, 11 years, too wait a prize. For this purpose we ask it to call by phone (4712) 56 - 72 - 56.