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Who has won four weeks of study at language school in England

In October “ ” and the British Council declared competition for readers. The task was such: to make a rating of things, people and the phenomena which we would lose, do not exist Great Britain. And to write an essay in English about the most important ” a gift ” the United Kingdom to all other world.

We have received letters from tens cities and villages of Russia: Moscow and Saratov, Magnitogorsk and Voronezh, Perm and the Tomsk region, Volgodonsk and St.-Petersburg, Vladivostok and Ufa...

the Ratings made by our readers, have appeared very various and sometimes unexpected. The major achievements of British and the British culture named “ Alisu in the Country of miracles ” And Kiplinga, the Grinvichesky meridian and boxing, Stounhedzh and inflatable tyres (them have patented in Foggy Albion in 1845), football and pubs, English manners and English breakfasts, the World Wide Web (one of its founders – English scientist Tim Berners - the Leah also Shakespeare), English language and “ Beatles ” (and also from tens British groups), a diet and princess Diana, Newton and gentlemen...


The winner of competition will go to study in a city of Canterbury.

Here names of winners:

1 place. Julia Saraf, 19 years, Moscow. By New year   Julia wins the main prize of our competition – chetre weeks of training at school Concord International in a city of Canterbury, in the heart of old kind England (by the way, employees of school attentively read works of our participants).  

Concord International   38 years are engaged in training of foreign students to English language and is the official centre of reception of the Cambridge examinations in English language. The winner will study in a class of 25 hours per week and to live in an English family. Air tickets from Moscow to London also are back given by airline BMI.

On the first place of the rating Julia Saraf has put British education and has very convincingly and figuratively explained the choice.

2 place. Alena Rudenko, 20 years, Voronezh. the Prize - the electronic dictionary from company ABBYY. Alena has written the whole poem about the British originality, language, landscapes, group Queen and Chesterton.

3 place. Evgenie Rozhkova, 26 years, Magnitogorsk. It will receive the fresh edition of the dictionary from company Macmillan.

For reception of prizes, please, call in British Council office in Moscow by phone to +7(495) 287 18 03 Tatyana Shashkovoj or write on electronic mail competition@britishcouncil. ru


Julia Saraf

I believe if Britain weren ’ t on the globe we would have to invent it! We are obliged to it for so many inventions and achievements, the meaning of which it ’ s difficult to overestimate!

Secondly, I ’ m so grateful to Britain for having given the world the language which the people of different nationalities can use to express themselves and to make the communication between nations splendour! The famous English sayings “ An Englishman ’ s home is his castle ” and “ To be or not to be ” came into our life letting us forget they are originally English.

On the third place I ’ d put football. Born in England it has a following all over the world.

The fourth place would take the Beatles. I ’ m along - life Beatles fan. I ’ m sure they are the greatest band of all times. Even abroad the Beatles fans couldn ’ t help but be won over by their charm and undeniable talent.

And indeed the English gardens, the greatest of the human pleasures, which creates the harmony between people and the nations!

However, if it occurred to me, what would I put on the top?

I believe there is nothing we appreciate more than the British education. It can proudly call itself   the best in the whole world! It is the key to one ’ s success. I suppose few things are more important for a young man than having a good career. As millions of young people all over the world I dream about studying at Cambridge and Oxford. It ’ s the best education a man can have. I wish I could just for a moment appear there, join the atmosphere of real competition free of corruption where every student is encouraged to express his personality and creativity in many ways. I can ’ t but know how valuable the store of knowledge got at the universities of such a high level is. It goes without saying as long as they exist the so called “   school ties ” indicate nobody comes there by accident. To be the student of Oxbridge is a great honour and a great duty as well. It ’ hard to be   the best of the best.   But it costs a lot. It gives you wings. It gives you confidence and with confidence comes success.

If I were asked about my cherished desire I would choose the hard but interesting education in the British university. I ’ m sure I would be the deserved student. (I would be endlessly grateful if my dream came true).

Alena Rudenko
I ’ ve got a task and I ’ m not sure
If my rating is objective,
But as I have a chance to try,
Why not to make a list of mine?

The fifth place is for amazing landscapes.
You ’ ll never see such unique places.
The architecture and the nature
Will make you walk with a British stature.

The forth place is for my favourite band.
Its music never makes me feel sad.
And what is the most important
The Queen helps me to learn English words often.

The third place is for the greatest writer
His detectives are delightful.
Mr. Chesterton was honest,
He taught to be clever and modest.

As I ’ m a student, let you know,
The second place is clear.
Without any doubts, my friend,
It is just Standard English.
The British grammar, words and sounds
Are a reason for the world to be proud.

And the first place is for that,
What makes people travel there.
The British originality (originality) is famous in the world,
But to feel it you should visit Britain a lot.

I ’ ve got a task and I ’ m not sure
If my rating is objective,
But if anyone agrees to me,
I ’ ll tell this person “ Let it be ”.  
The same rating shortly.
1. The British originality
2. Standard English
3. G. Chesterton
4. The Queen
5. Landscapes

The essay

I have chosen the British originality because this feature is the most important when you study English language. Interest in studying is supported by events and facts, which are different from your own country. If you have never been in Great Britain, you will never understand the mystery of English weather, the smell of Scottish heather honey, the jokes of Welsh writers, the singularity of British films and the refinement of conservative traditions. You can see that these features are decisive to motivate a person to learn English and to find out more about this country. I think, that the reason for this interest is easy, to see the life in common from the other point. It helps to develop inner world and to find yourself among a variety of people. This possibility wouldn ’ t have been, if the British originality had vanished.

Great Britain is not only a place for living, but also it is a place with the unique unity of culture, history and everyday life. The spirit of nation is also different with its peculiarities and fineness. People would have never known such a good example of conservatism in the ocean of contemporary capitalism.

The British originality can be also seen through the new waves in music, theatre and literature, which appeared there. These sources gave us information about the British view of life. It is a good manner for men, for instance, to carry a cane and have supper in pubs. It is a good manner for women to cross - stitch and to do about the house. Drinking tea and watching “ Doctor Who ” are widely regarded not only in Great Britain, but also practically everywhere on the Earth. All these special elements of culture would have disappeared if there hadn ’ t existed the British originality.

If the British originality had disappeared, the humanity would have lost a particle of subtle freedom, special perception of the world and the incredibly well - known “ ladies and gentlemen ”.

Evgenie Rozhkova
I would like you to have a look at my list of the most important things, created totally for the mankind, hat could not appear, but for Great Britain.

5. Thomas Lipton - He created the world known tea brand called “ Lipton ”. He ’ s one of the first world prosperous businessmen. ” Lipton ” is still one of the best selling brands among tea products. It was Lipton ’ s company that began mass production of teabags, witch brought a grate success. And now, when you are short of time or too tired to follow all the traditions of making tea, just take a teabag     and put it into the boiled water. Thank you, Tomas for having made our life easier.

4. The Guinness ’ record book.
The date of birth is considered to be the 10th of November 1951. When the head of the English beer making company “ Guinness ” failed to shoot the golden plover while hunting. His friends decided to find out, what kind of bird was the fastest. As it turned out, there was no any manual to clear their arguing. Thanks to this bet, a new idea appeared to create a book that could help in solving other bets. The first publication was in 1955 and became the world bestseller after the Bible. Today the book turned into the international institute that records all the achievements in the world.

3. Eton. Why the most famous secret agent - talented, smart and quick - witted James Bond - graduated from Eton in Fleming ’ s stories? Eton is typically English phenomenon. It is a marvellous royal and aristocratic establishment with its unique traditions and way of life. There is a joke when an Englishmen asks the other one: “ Has God also graduated from Eton? ” I doubt about the God, but there is great amount of kings, ministers, diplomats, writers and poets, that finished Eton.    

2. Chic and light of English boutiques. London is famous for its stores almost as it is famous for its Queen or Trafalgar Square. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you managed to close your wardrobe, it is time to fulfil it. Even ordinary people can find all the necessary things to look lady – like and stylish. Only London streets show us so many stylish people. Be afraid of All - buying fever, please!

1. Typically British phenomenon.        

Great Britain – is the country of romantic people, that opened new lands and pragmatic people that made their fortune on most risking markets of the world.

How can the whole world describe in a few worlds the mystery of British people ’ s behaviour, unique sense of humor, their famous traditions, sports and marvellous castles? All this is typically British phenomenon. But for Angles ’ and Saxons ’ invading, that captured British lands from Rome, the whole world wouldn ’ t speak English. There wouldn ’ t exist a phrase “ Misty Albion ”. Probably no man invented a bicycle, or a telephone or even a toilet bowl with the washout. Such typical British hobbies as football, cricket, and world famous horse races would never appear. From British people we would not learn to be reserved, polite and impassive. We could fail to acquire all this typical British things.

For example famous English humor is not only style, but the way of English life. National proverb says: “ Everyone has a fool in his sleeve ”. Till nowadays British dialogues are some kind of serious and not serious speech. During this speech the interlocutor plays roles that are offered by another conversation partner in a special manner. Your reaction on this humor is the way to test you whether it is worth dealing with you.  

On the continent people learn to speak correct and fast, but in Britain they pass courses on Oxford stutter. In other countries people like citing philosophers and historians, to show off in their knowledge, but no Englishmen will ever boast of his brilliant mind. Other nations tell lies or the truth, But in Great Britain they don ’ t lie, though never dream to tell you the truth. Speaking about the weather is an English passion. If you do not greet people, saying: “ Nice day isn ’ t it? ” for several times, you are not a typical Englishman.

British traditions say to be tactic when judging people. A foreigner considers the silence to be the sign of agreement, He is mistaken, when thinking that he has persuaded   a silent Englishmen in some facts. But the English skill - listening without interrupting - doesn ’ t mean he is agree with you.                

It is a typically British skill to change attention from daily cares into the private wises and desires. English people invented to have a hobby. Hobby for the Englishmen is not only the way to escape from daily worries, but also to show what they are good at. If a person became a professional in his hobby, he would be more honorable then a successful businessman. Nowhere on Earth you can find so sophisticated people like Englishmen. Every free moment they long to go for a walk or to stretch on the grass, Lots of British people keep dogs or horses or even cows. They like to play football, golf, tennis. Many of them collect coins, pictures or statues. They are all travellers. And they have tried all sorts or extreme and family hobbies. Gardening is also very popular among people of all casts and classes. It is the most favorite hobby for both a broker and a postman.

The government ’ s promotion of tea instead of alcohol among people created a world known English tradition called tea – drinking. And five o ’ clock tea is not only time to have a bite, but a reason to have a chat.

It is typically for an Englishmen to bring you a pint of beer and not half a litre; to stick to the queue while waiting for something. And it is typical for them never to be late for the morning train to London City.

All British people have an opposition in there hearts and ways of there life. England is the country of high moral rules. But it manages to include such cultural phenomena as punk and rock trends. And British streets are filled with the most modern and stylish young people.

The variety and majesty of English castles is typical for both big cities and estates in Great Britain. They reflect the soul of British peoples since ancient times. These castles survived in the battle with time, ensanguined with blood and courage of English warriors.
Imagine the situation. Once you drive into the wall of the house, having ruined it. There you see a gentleman, sitting impassively in the arm - chair and reading a newspaper. He stops reading and asks you a question: ” Where are you going? ” And your answer is: “ to Edinburgh, Sir. ” And the Englishmen answers: “ Then, it will be faster to drive through the kitchen. ” After this answer you can be sure that you have disturbed the peace of a typical Englishman.