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On the New silk way

Development of a transport complex and an infrastructure – one of priority state problems in the Russian regions, including Republic Tatarstan. The help in its decision is offered by the State transport leasing company actively working with regional and municipal authorities within the limits of realisation of a state policy of upgrade of road branch.

Roads and transport in Russia – not simply means of communication between settlements. In such immense country as ours, they carry out also the major unifying function. Achievement of steady growth of economy of Russia is impossible without equation of development of a road complex, a transport infrastructure and economic upgrade - both at federal level, and in each region.

there are not enough money, it is a lot of plans

Cities and settlements of Tatarstan connect among themselves more than 32 000 km dorogobshchego usings, including federal and regional highways. More than half from them concerns highways of local value in municipal areas. If also to consider presence over 6 thousand in km dorozhno - a street network, you will understand, is how much extensive « a field of operations » at performance of problems of upgrade. On the general extent of highways Tatarstan occupies one of leading places in Russia — 215 km on 1000 square kilometres. For this reason in area it is accepted and rabotaettselevaja the program « Development of a transport complex of Republic Tatarstan on 2006 - 2010 ». The further development of a road economy is defined by long-term strategy of development of the transport complex, calculated on the period with 2005 for 2040.

In the field of transport communications Tatarstan occupies central position as a link for areas of Ural Mountains, Siberia and the Far East with the European part of the Russian Federation and a number of the CIS countries. Thereupon maintenance of their durability, reliability and high carrying capacity gets a special urgency. In republic it is supposed to solve many serious problems. According to transport strategy creation of the Svijazhsky multi-region multimodal logistical centre is planned. Located on crossing of the international transport corridors « the North - the South » and « the West - the East » the centre should become a kernel of system of transportation of cargoes in Volga region region. The next years in area it is necessary to realise and more scale projects. Building of a new transport corridor Baltic – China which often name « the New silk way » Will demand creation of conditions for maintenance of effective functioning of system of the Euroasian road messages. We will not forget about carrying out in University game republic in 2013, and also about inclusion of Kazan in the list of the cities accepting in 2018 the World championship on football.

In the conditions of growing intensity of movement the existing high system on many indicators does not meet modern requirements. It is necessary all-round   upgrade with strengthening prochnostnyh characteristics proezzhej parts. The situation is aggravated with underfinancing of repair and reconstruction of roads. Instead of demanded under the specification of repair of 10 % of roads, in republic from demanded annual repair of thousand kilometres it was carried out in 2005 — 459, 2006 — 565, 2007 — 683 kilometres. Thus major repairs with replacement of elements of a road cloth were carried out and in more modest volumes.

Environmental conditions also complicate a situation. So with approach of winter colds in the end of November liquidation of consequences of a snowfall in capital of Tatarstan was tightened for some days. Road services of Kazan deduced one days prior to 720 units of technics for struggle against an emergency situation, but not without effort could cope with elements consequences. To solve a problem at the expense of mass purchase of a special equipment it is not obviously possible – the necessary volume of capital investments is very great. To road reform more original decisions &ndash are required; such as leasing.

the Help in rent

On this way of upgrade and development of a road network is weight of barriers - high bank rates, complexities in granting of credits, absence of the big circulating assets at the specialised enterprises and many other things.

One of the effective and well proved mechanisms of attraction of investments into road building and sphere of service of a road economy, housing and communal services and the passenger message is a leasing which represents long-term rent of technics with the subsequent right of the repayment. The world market of leasing services is concentrated in the USA, the Western Europe and Japan on which share to have the most part of volume of leasing transactions in the world. Only in the USA the leasing market in 2005 was estimated in 248 billion dollars (the fifth part of investments into the equipment).

on such mechanism the State transport leasing company working in this market almost of 10 years is ready to give technics and the equipment for all enterprises of transport branch of Tatarstan and other Russian regions. State financing has been allocated for realisation of the put strategic targets in 2009 of the company in volume of 10 billion roubles.

According to the experts to receive acknowledgement on possibility of acquisition of technics in leasing is much easier, than the credit for special equipment acquisition – and it, you see, is important – especially, so far as concerns the small and average enterprises. In certain cases the leasing companies at all do not demand any additional guarantees as transaction maintenance the given equipment ministers from the clients.

All these circumstances allow to speak about expansion of possibilities of transport agencies of area in sphere of improvement of a state of affairs in road, municipal services and a transport infrastructure. Similar offers – one of exits in the decision of problems of branch.