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On REN of TV Father Frost has started talking on - anglijski

In four minisketches Father Frost in various playful plots reminds televiewers of coming nearer feasts on air of the channel.

the Main Russian New Year`s wizard is in modern apartments and uses all modern communication channels. He emotionally complains about the Internet, from - for which the quantity of letters with inquiries about gifts has reached astronomical figures and from necessity to give even maddest of them now « at all otvertishsja ».

also the New Year`s magician writes « to the administrator » with its request « razbanit »: « I, really, Father Frost! And at me, really, in friends of 6 billion persons ». Thus on the monitor during this moment the parody to the interface of a known social network &ndash is appreciable; « novogodniki ».

Besides in one of radio prompts REN of TV the hero of Russian fairy tales types the message to the friend to Santa Claus, slandering itself under a nose: « Santa! May dija the friend! Hau du ju du! Years mi spik from May hart in an English. Mary kristmas end hepi nju jir! Lajf from bjutiful hir. Holidejz ar kaming. Pliz, kam that rasha! Baj! ».