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The batic is not only tea

Exists some ways of a manual list of a fabric: distinguish a cold batic, hot, collapsible. The free list of a fabric is popular also.

the batic Native land - island Java. The most popular in its inhabitants till now are the clothes from the fabrics painted manually – it carries out also function oberega, protecting the owners from damage, a malefice, all misfortunes and misfortunes.

Used   a batic   and inhabitants of Sumer, Peru, Japan, Indochina, Shri - Lanki, Africa. To its Europe Dutches have delivered.

since then the batic safely walks on a planet, winning itself of admirers, and, not only in the field of creation of new samples of clothes. It also an interior design element: many of those who likes to create the hands any   hand-made articles, with pleasure use a batic for an ornament of the dwellings.

the Batic now name not only wax technology of stage-by-stage colouring of a clap. Nodular and cordlike technologies, Chinese sine - white colouring of silk, but, perhaps, the most popular - technology of a Japanese list on silk here concern now. The technics « is known enough also; shibori » - the sister Japanese   origami, only folding definitely not papers, and fabrics &ndash here is used; it also is so-called « a collapsible batic ».
For a list use different kinds of a fabric – a clap, wool, viscose, synthetics, silk - each of them demands application of certain dyes, to get which better in art salon, well and if such possibility is not present, on counters of specialised shops.  

necessary for creation of a batic the stock can be found houses – For work the frame on which pull a material, and buttons - pins for a fabric attachment to it is necessary. Brushes &ndash are very important; for paint drawing on a fabric. For lines and contours plastic bottles with a pipette if they too thin, the metal cap - a nozzle with a hollow needle is necessary will approach. At trafaretnoj and an aerosol list the aerocount is required, but to begin with will descend also small razbryzgivatel. Straws for a cocktail &ndash are Still necessary; to blow a paint on silk, very soft pencil for drawing transferring on a fabric, stones and the glass balls applied in the nodular technics, a palette for mixing of paints, the hair dryer – for acceleration of process of their drying.

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