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Operas from Kushchevsky has arrived to beat out money from the Penza farmers

that day the field investigator from a notorious village Kushchevsky Krasnodar territory Sergey Kutovoj has arrived on the « to the nine » to the Penza region. In an open country where there passes a line Penza - Tambov, it has made an appointment to farmer Nikolay Dashkinu, in the recent past too to the inhabitant Kushchevsky.

the Impudence of the captain of militia soon in all senses has been fixed. At reception from the farmer of 400 thousand roubles captain Kutovoj has been detained by employees of Management of FSB across the Penza region.

the Consequence has admitted proved the fact of swindle were operupolnomochennogo Kutovogo and extortion of 400 thousand roubles for settling of nonexistent problems in the former farmer enterprise Dashkina in Kushchevsky.

for finding-out of details of this history correspondents «» have gone to a pre-trial detention centre of Penza and in village Kuteevka Belinsky of area of the Penza region.

Village Kuteevka

Kushchevsky Nikolay Dashkin has lived In a village of more than 20 years. And about two years ago farmer together with the spouse it was necessary to throw all: favourable business, 2 - the floor brick house, a new foreign car. In the Penza region of money has sufficed only on buying in area village Kuteevka Belinsky the wooden house.

- In a village Kushchevsky the Tsapkovsky grouping has started to put things in order still when Korneenko was the chief of militia there, - Nikolay Dashkin speaks, - it is possible to tell that it operated them. But if at it they though as - that kept in frameworks after have put other chief, a gang Tsapkov has started to create the present lawlessness. Third of farmers have crushed under itself and have forced to pay. The militia on their complaints only made a helpless gesture.

- But were such as I and Ametov which did not pay, - continues the story Dashkin, - us intimidated, once tsapkovtsy have rushed to us into a court yard, have braided 17 - the summer son, have thrown it in a bath. Has then arrived, already the former chief UBOPa, Alexander Hodych and speaks: give me money, I to thy « a roof » I will be. And in a court yard there are the person ten in masks and with automatic machines...

In 2008 Nikolay Dashkina have urged to give the agrobusiness of one of the firms, submitting company « arteks - Agro ». At first the farmer have planted in a pre-trial detention centre and when have released business at it any more was not - all papers about sale have forged.

So Dashkiny have appeared in the Penza region. Here they were engaged again in farming. In Belinsky area have redeemed the thrown farm and the old technics. The new enterprise, to spite of everything, Nikolay Dashkin named « Good luck ». And after two years from Kushchevsky Sergey Kutovoj has called operupolnomochennyj department on struggle against economic crimes OVD on Kushchevsky area of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Krasnodar territory. He has demanded from Dashkina of 400 thousand roubles to filing criminal charges against the wife of farmer Rozalii. In the former Kushchevsky enterprise of the husband it was the bookkeeper.

- Kutovoj called time twenty: as if at me are long remained, on cash desk something does not converge. It even called us with the wife, and we came in Kushchevsky, but have not brought money. After I has gone to militia, and Kutovomu has appointed a meeting – a pier, come, I will give to you 400 « pieces ».

Meeting place Kutovoj some times money changers. Eventually, Nikolay has approached on the appointed place by the car with the driver at the wheel. And taking with itself money, has changed the car to Kutovomu.

Operative shooting of detention

the Pre-trial detention centre
In a special room of a pre-trial detention centre of Penza Sergey Kutovoj has in a pointed manner turned away from the correspondent. A pier, what with you to discuss? You all the same do not write, how it was actually. Having heard that us its point of view interests also, has agreed to talk.

- Dashkina had a large enterprise, - tells Kutovoj. - And I by training the economist also advised it repeatedly in questions financially - economic operations. And by the nature of the activity, sometimes I had to spend verifying actions.

is all was in Kushchevsky?

- Certainly. When Dashkin here has moved, at me with it communication has interrupted. Any common causes was not.

- And how you here have appeared?

- When in enterprise Dashkina there was a change of proprietors, there were found out which - what affairs old. New proprietors have put in the statement in militia and in arbitration court. And me, in connection with the statement, it was necessary to Dashkina to interrogate. For this purpose it came to me in Kushchevsky. There was an assumption that in the former enterprise they did not spend a part of money through cash desk. But it has not been proved, we could not understand with it up to the end.

- As it has turned out, what you as a result have arrived here?

- I have arrived to it on a visit and behind money which he has promised that I will assist it: he has asked to solve me one question in arbitration court.

- Why you have met on road? You on a visit to it went?

- So it has turned out, I have called it, I say, what I am in such - that a place, you can approach here? It has approached. When we in my car talked, two cars with tonirovannymi glasses have approached, there there were employees of FSB. Perhaps, I where - that also am guilty, can, I where - that something and subtilized a little bit, but they are ours with it have put. There anybody should not to climb. And he it has arranged all as if I extort money from it.

- you heard about tragedy which has occurred in Kushchevsky already after your detention?

- Yes we in the chamber have a TV.

- That think about it?

- Time in ten all it is exaggerated, not less. Concept « a gang » and its affairs - all is exaggerated. Yes, there are there people who do not want to be on friendly terms with the law. But to name this group a gang which creates a lawlessness, I consider, it is impossible. Correctly chief of militia says that is not ready to discuss a situation that ostensibly at us here a gang, and we do nothing. And that they incur murder of six - eight-year prescription, well I am not ready to speak about it.

- On a city all went easy, - continues Kutovoj, - it was possible to leave with children to take a walk in the evening. People were engaged in business openly. And if there were any moments, people wrote the application, these statements were accepted. Any action of militia is checked by Office of Public Prosecutor. It is checked, in turn, by regional Office of Public Prosecutor. They time come to half a year also all overturn upside down. It for the inhabitant here and so: the militia on all eyes closes. But, even if to want, it not so - that simply to make. When there are here such here excesses, choose a heap extreme and all.

- If to assume, what the sentence concerning you will be justificatory, than will be engaged further?

- In militia I am going to be restored. I have left at own will – the condition was that. At me 15 years of a period of service, therefore if will be the verdict of not guilty, I, naturally, will be restored in militia.

- If that day, before a meeting with Dashkinym, it was possible to live anew, as though you have arrived? Feel sorry about something?

- Yes about what I do not feel sorry. Such vital principle at me: about what not to feel sorry. Well, so, means, so. I will be cleverer. A little bit I have overestimated for myself the separate moments in life.

instead of an epilogue

the Double sensation was left by interlocutors. And history of their mutual relations.
Dashkin lost in Kushchevsky business estimates in 112 million roubles. About plans to return acquired by back-breaking toil why - that is silent. According to Nikolay, left a village « almost poor ». At the same time in the Penza region soon buys, let plohonkoe, an agricultural production, technics. In Krasnodar territory, seemingly, indeed it « pressed ». But there is a steady sensation that Nikolay Dashkin could use really the pravoohranitelej. So after all does not happen: « paid to Nobody, all sent ». Or happens very seldom.

the Separate subject Kutovoj. It is surprisingly similar to many former colleagues that after tragedy have arrived from different regions of the country in Kushchevsky to investigate a crime. In clear, without being confused at all, they offered the correspondent « (Uljana Skojbeda, «») To sell the information.

Here and Kutovoj at all does not brake, frankly telling, as office actions of the employee for struggle against economic crimes have intertwined with its private services on « at it in life; razrulivaniju » any problems of small, average business.

Explaining the reason of the arrival to the Penza region, he says: When in enterprise Dashkina there was a change of proprietors. If Kutovoj friend Dashkina he should know that at the friend have selected business. Well, and if « change of proprietors » considers as process natural, there is a question: whose interests represents operupolnomochennyj?

Having got to talking on abstract subjects, Kutovoj over and over again repeats that about a village Kushchevsky all exaggerate. There it is possible to walk in the street with children, to be engaged in business. The slaughter subject in separately taken house and remains untouched. Speaks about plans to be restored on service. Almost about what does not feel sorry.

In the pre-trial detention centre chamber on a six, with the TV, it had enough time for a legend. It would be desirable to believe in it, it is impossible.

All occurring that day on October, 9th was obvious. The field investigator with the fifteen-year experience appoints meeting place on a deserted line. For kilometre exposes patrol with phone. Employees of management of FSB do not extend about detention details. However, it is clear and so. Aether Complete control. A radio beacon and a microphone on clothes of Dashkina, record of all negotiations an opera with the farmer. Mechenye denominations. The motor roar in the video record something reminds helicopter though, most likely, it is engines in time the approached cars.

As the lying-in woman at an o`clock iks shouts « Mum! » in a native language, and operas at detention overstrains: he has thrown to me money! And why - that does not remind employees of group of capture: It on a broader scale - that has arrived on a visit to the good friend. Shouts about money because understands: has already made inadmissible for the captain of militia.

To tragedy in a village Kushchevsky remains about one month.

edition gives thanks to employees of Management of FSB across the Penza region for the given operative shooting.