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the White eagle is going to bring an action against the Minsk Officers` Club

- on December, 17th we have fulfilled on the full notice a concert in Bobruisk, and 18 - go should sing on closed korporative in Minsk, in Officers` Club, - the director of group Alexander Lensky has told to us. - But to us have told that this concert will not be. The pier, the customer has wanted not us, and Alexander Soloduhu. We have left to Moscow and already there have learnt that in our stead sang any not Soloduha, and the former soloist « the White eagle » Leonid Ljutvinsky. It has five years to us no any relation, it had no right to sing our songs and to use our name. Just I talked to producer Vladimir Zhechkovym, we have decided to bring an action both on Ljutvinsky, and against your Officers` Club.

- And on Officers` Club for what? - We were surprised.

- We consider that there was a swindle fact: one actor was declared, another has acted.

In claim Officers` Club from outside « White eagle » do not accept and consider that it is internal dismantlings of group which for 15 years has replaced not one soloist. Ljutvinsky went in « eagles » since 2000 on 2006 its Alexander Jagja whom couple of months back the producer has dismissed for numerous left concerts Has replaced. On its place took Andrey Hramova before working in group « an aria ».

However, spectators in group do not penetrate into all subtleties of this rotation, for them « the White eagle » is the one who sings « As evenings » are delightful in Russia;.

- Any court will not accept any statement from « the White eagle » because there are no bases, in a concert in Officers` Club the group name has not been used, - concert promoter Anatoly Zapolsky - Dovnar considers. Its agency « Sails At » was engaged in the organisation of that korporativa.

- By and large, I could bring an action against this remarkable group from which I work many years. I after all with them on the closed action have agreed about performance in July. And in October it was found out that this day at them shootings in the Kremlin were drew, and they have declared that cannot arrive, but can send one keyboard player, and he will sing for all group. Certainly, the customer from such « the White eagle » has refused. And I have invited Ljutvinsky. It did not use the name of group and sang those songs which has the right to sing. By the way, « As evenings » are delightful in Russia; the group « has written not; White an eagle » and the composer and executor Alexander Dobronravov. So statements « the White eagle » is extremely hypocrisy. It from the category « and itself not din, and to another I will not give ».

Leonid Ljutvinsky tries not to mention that it - eks - the soloist of group the White eagle . But organizers of concerts for the sake of sale of tickets use often this brand for posters.

Leonid Ljutvinsky meanwhile again gathers with a concert to Minsk on January, 25th. This time with booking in KZ « Minsk ».


this year stars on korporativy do not call

Any korporativ, and New Year`s especially - a litmus piece of paper of our welfare. More precisely, not itself korporativ, and those actors whom we can allow ourselves on it. Last crisis year to many organisations and the enterprises had no time to fat – the Russian and foreign stars to Minsk on New Year`s Eve did not look. Many have preferred instead of spreading on 10 - 15 thousand « green » for a star on an hour to keep within in 500 - 700 dollars and all night long to dance under a cover - versions of known songs performed by little-known a cover - groups. This year as we have found out, it already became a tendency – to reserve on korporativy a cover - groups. It under force to lift any repertoire: you want – a song of the Lady the Eider, you want – Yury Antonova. As on any korporative the soul sings so that is already unimportant, who on a scene.