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Packing for a feast

to Kids give ridiculous packings in the form of fantastic heroes and the animals, to favourite people – romantic boxes in the form of heart, to friends and acquaintances – classical sets of chocolate allsorts in celebratory registration. New Year`s gifts to kiddies are packed often not into traditional cardboard small houses and volume animals, and in soft plush toys: them fill with sweets from within, and children receive at once two gifts – a sweet and a toy! A novelty for adults – bouquets from sweets: the fashion on them has come recently, but already has had time to win hearts of many. A bouquet from sweets – this product of design art where natural flowers, graceful decorative accessories and, certainly, vkusnejshie sweets are successfully combined. Such gift will be remembered for a long time and becomes an original ornament of solemn event.  

And still, the most demanded and popular packing remains gofrotara. These are boxes from a thin qualitative cardboard on which drawing is put. For gift packing of sweets can be used as standard boxes, and an unusual configuration: by New year packing in the form of a fur-tree or a symbol of coming year, and by the Valentine day &ndash is actual; in the form of heart.  

Cardboard packing – it is tremendous open space for imagination of the artist. It is possible to draw everything: flowers by March, 8th, drawings and the photos approaching to the name of sweets, at last, to paint a box in khaki by February, 23rd. Do on gofrotare and figured cutting down, for example, in the form of windows in which then there will be a transparent film. Such course involves the buyers doubting correctness of the choice: having seen contents, it to dare at purchase easier. Cutting down also allows to create the most improbable packings from a cardboard – having combined preparation in a special way, it is possible to receive almost any figure.  

the custom-made packing for sweets becomes the Indelible gift. On it stop the choice of the company which want to congratulate the clients or partners on important event that usually and it is reflected in packing. Also this way is good for self-advertisement: having placed on a box a logo and the information on the firm, and then having handed over a gift to potential buyers, it is possible to raise loyalty of consumers and to raise sales.  

Packing for sweets – one of important components of a feast. Certainly, it is not the main thing « a character » but, nevertheless, it is that attribute which instantly creates joyful mood.

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