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The antimonopoly service has opened case on the Russian Railway for Petrels

Business in the Russian Railway relation has been raised even in the summer. Inhabitants of Nizhni Novgorod have complained of railwaymen — it was not pleasant to them « a box lunch » which is included in the price of tickets for some high-speed trains, in particular « the Petrel ». Costs such « a set of a cold food » 170 roubles, and service are imposed to passengers — tickets in cars « without services » usually quickly come to an end, in the others, buying the ticket, automatically it is necessary to pay for « a food ».

Were at passengers of the complaint and to actually set of products. In « a box lunch » cookies or wafers, chocolate batonchiki and sausage cutting enter usually. To many people such products are simply it is impossible, for example to diabetics or at problems with a liver, however to replace a ration on dietary, as, for example, in the plane, in « Petrels » it is impossible.

the Nizhniy Novgorod management FAS considered case some months, and, at last, has come in a conclusion that infringements from the Russian Railway mention not only the Nizhniy Novgorod region, but also the next regions, in particular, Vladimir region. By the way, vladimirtsy suffer affliction even more nizhegorodtsev: tickets on « the Petrel » from Vladimir to Moscow, naturally, more cheaply, than from Nizhni Novgorod, therefore 170 roubles for « a box lunch » to us to overpay still obidnee, than nizhegorodtsam.

As interests several areas are infringed at once, investigation is passed to federation level — in Federal antimonopoly service. A leah will be effect from investigation, and a leah can FAS find a justice on the Russian Railway — Will show time. But the first effect already is — if in the summer of cars « without services » in structure « the Petrel » there were two - three, now — not less than four.

And At this time

That train « the Petrel » which has come into the view FAS, continues « to please » passengers. On the eve of new year on this train (153, departure from Vladimir in 11. 40, from Nizhni Novgorod in 9. 15, arrival in Moscow in 13. 55) the prices will daily grow, without looking on any « schedules of regulation of tariffs » accepted by the Russian Railway.

the Rise in prices for journey in « the Petrel » will be such:

date                               without a food                 with a food

on December, 24th                 533 roubles             703 roubles

25, on December, 26th                   593 roubles             763 roubles

27, on December, 28th                   682 roubles             852 roubles

29, on December, 30th                   711 roubles           881 rouble

on December, 31st                 593 roubles             763 roubles

Since January, 1st                 622 roubles             802 roubles.

But as indemnification on Monday, on December, 27th from Nizhni Novgorod to Moscow will go two additional trains with cheap sedentary places. Through Vladimir they will pass in 14. 42 and in 14. 52. Fare in the sedentary car — 290 roubles, are cheaper than the second class of the express train.