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The Nizhniy Novgorod schoolboys - cadets fed with the forged butter

- We constantly check establishments in which foodstuff under the state order is delivered, - has informed the correspondent - NN the chief of department eating   and process industry of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Lyudmila Timofeeva. - During one of such checks it was found out that in cadet - boarding school of a name of general Margelova (Balahninsky area, village Istomino)   children instead of butter creamy fed with a counterfeit.  
with the supplier who has brought to a school dining room lzhe - butter, the contract will be terminated. As a whole the situation with sale of qualitative butter in area improves.

if in 2007 based on the results of testing minselhoza from 50 tests of butter in 38 there was its far relative - spred in 2008 the quantity of non-standard tests of butter has appeared individual. Basically, the forged product was delivered in area from other regions.