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Chess tournament of a series of Gran - at FIDE, passing in Nalchik, has ended

On celebration of chess players which has taken place at Musical theatre an hour later with small after the termination of final game, shoulders of Levona have thrown white burku and have invited to a scene. The most known singers of Nalchik, having surrounded the winner, greeted its known song Vivat, the king, vivat! . Levon, timidly smiling, has told that for it victory in Nalchik och - chen other means: After all in Nalchik when - that my parents have got acquainted and have got married!

the Main arbitrator of tournament Vyacheslav Navruev has told that all 14 chess players - very strong, and fights went the persistent. As a result the greatest quantity of points - on 7. 5 - at Levona Aronjana and Peter Leko, venegerskogo the grand master, which   also battled in the ending. And only 6 points at the grand master from the USA, the former Russian Ghats Kamsky. The prize fund will be accordingly distributed also. But Gata Kamsky has won a prize For I howl to victory . eks - world champion Boris Spassky who was making comments on matches -   a prize to the Legend of chess a chess star from Georgia Gaprindashvili - a prize Magnificent None . Each of participants, except a prize, has received a title most - the most eloquent, the most elegant, the most punctual. At last one more prize has been handed over Aronjanu - the Prize of female sympathies .

Navruev has told that constantly went it - a line translation of games, and only a final duel on official site FIDE looked fans of chess from 158 countries of the world. And on interest to game of the first there was Germany, then there was France, and then Russia.

  Taken then a word vice-president FIDE Dzhefri Borg has thanked all who prepared tournament and has told that Nalchik again became the world centre of interest to chess. Also has added: And now officially I declare tournament closed! . After that all its participants remained to look the concert of local celebrities prepared for them.