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Almost 70 inhabitants of the Volgograd region have fined for garbage emission

In April in the Volgograd region there has passed operation the Waste - 2009 . In this time the Volgograd ecologists have checked up some disctricts of the city and areas and have revealed nearby 1, 5 thousand so-called spontaneous dumps. 69 inhabitants of area have caught red-handed. They threw out garbage in not put place. Now they should pay the penalty - from one to two thousand roubles.   however, in business of environmental contamination besides simple inhabitants active participation accept both the state enterprises, and private concerns. However, for them and penalties it is more: for legal bodies - 100 - 250 thousand roubles, for official - 10 - 30 thousand roubles, for individual businessmen - 30 - 50 thousand roubles.   their total sum which has been written out by ecologists for the last month,   already has made more 750 thousand roubles.

- annually similar dumps come to light in territory, both our hero town of Volgograd, and all area as a whole. The majority of dumps are liquidated, many means are spent for it, - Sergey Mashakarjan, the head of department of ecological security of committee of natural resources and preservation of the environment of administration of the Volgograd region speaks .

Writs about liquidation of dumps experts of department of preservation of the environment have written out more than two hundreds. But the problem of recycling of a household waste in the Volgograd region gradually leaves on new level. In region building of three ranges is planned. In Kamyshinsky, Kotovsk and Uryupinsk areas. Design - the budget documentation on their erection will be already ready by June. Can be then, ecologists hope, the garbage problem will manage to be solved.