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In Volgograd the divisional has selected at the arrested person phone

Several months ago to the senior divisional OVD of the Central area Igor Kravchenko its old friend has told that it has lost where - that in Dzerzhinsk area the mobile phone Nokija . Kravchenko was called to help it to find. It was to begin with converted into one of the cellular companies where to it have helped to establish the present owner Nokii . Certain Paul Zarubin whom then Kravchenko under the invented pretext has called to itself in an office has appeared it. During conversation it has appeared that Notches has absolutely lawfully bought this mobile phone from its former owner. However its divisional all - taki visors to itself. And has then passed the friend.

- Except that Kravchenko has committed one more crime. Knowing that one of its colleagues has a material of check upon trauma reception by one of inhabitants of area, the militiaman has assumed that physical injuries to it were put by a certain Sergey Ivans. It began to convince of it the Ivanov. And not to file criminal charges, has asked to pass it of 15 thousand roubles. Though at that point in time it was already known that other militiaman the decision on refusal in excitation was already accepted, - Dmitry KANONEROV, the head WITH on the Central area of SOU SK tells at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region.

Kravchenkos have detained right after receptions of money by it in the office office. At a charge presentation, the divisional completely recognised the fault and has given to a consequence detailed evidences. Criminal case has been raised at once under two articles Attempt at swindle and Abusing powers of office . Now all materials are passed in court. The grief - to the militiaman threatens till six years of imprisonment.

Names are changed in the interests of the investigation.