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Kirovchane and will not see the country Mjunhauzena main thing alive

This morning, in Moscow on 66 - the m to year of life has died the favourite of millions, the national actor of the USSR Oleg Yankovsky. He suffered affliction from a pancreas cancer, left on treatment to Germany, but then has returned home and even has stepped on the stage Lenkoma in brilliant performance the Marriage . If not to notice strong leanness of the actor, appear, that has changed nothing: Oleg Ivanovich as excellent played all also spectators long did not release the substitute.
on May, 12th it was going to open theatrical festival, but could not any more... Illness has prevailed...

In Kirov Yankovsky never was. Evgenie Derishev, the former assistant to the head of department of culture of the area, supervising arrival to our city of celebrities, has told about that unique time when it managed to see the national favourite.

- I saw Oleg on one of its performances, - podellsja Evgenie Temofeevich. - Unfortunately, it did not come to our city. When in 60 - h in a regional Philharmonic society acted as Lenkom, Yankovsky yet was not so is well-known. At that time it worked in Saratov. Certainly, it is a pity to all of us, all of us we grieve.