Rus News Journal

For a cold season 2008 - 2009 gg the enterprises of housing and communal services of the Kirov region have run into debt more than 309 million roubles

the General debts of the population of area has exceeded 1,2 million roubles. Representatives of the government of region have informed on it during a video conference with heads of municipalities of area.
- we understand that now crisis, at people is not present money, but it is necessary to work in a direction of repayment of debts, - the vice-president of the government of area Alexander Gorstkin has commented at meeting with heads of municipalities.
has not managed in this season without unpleasant surprises for the budget. So, in Oparinsky area liquidated Open Company enterprise the Dawn recognised as the bankrupt. However on it remained to hang outstanding 3,9 million roubles. Nikita Belyh has informed that the area government will find a way to collect the given sum from the local budget. The area management has promised by the end of May to pay off from 46 % of a debt.
Also during a cold season has passed some failures on boiler-houses. In particular, in Urzhumsky, Sunsky and Soviet areas. The principal cause of state of emergency - low technical training of shots and absence of control of the equipment, informs bureau of news Recently .