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The Perm schoolboys have won the Cup of Europe on What? Where? When?

the Command Ich Habe Grosse represented our country on the most prestigious intellectual tournament in the third time. In 2007 permjaki have won bronze in 2008 - gold . It is clear that this year children have aimed at repetition of last year`s result. But confidence of victory was not.

- the command from Chelyabinsk " Especially were afraid; For Stick! - the trainer " tells; Ich Habe Grosse Alexander Ponomarev. - We on the Russian tournament with them struggled for victory. Also knew that cheljabintsy seriously prepare for the Cup of Europe.

Except Russian teams, in the Belarus city of Gomel where took place the Cup of Europe on What? Where? When? among juniors, representatives of Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Latvia and Estonia have gathered. Tournament lasted three days. In this time to children have set 72 questions. The greatest quantity of the right answers of a distance the Perm schoolboys - 56. At cheljabintsev, taken the second place, on five points it is less.

- In breaks between tours we played football by a plastic bottle from - under koly . Probably, physical exercises also have helped - after football brains worked is better, - with a smile Alexander Ponomarev admits.

By the way, the Cup of Europe became last award of " command; Ich Habe Grosse in present structure. Next year children already on age cannot participate in competitions among schoolboys.

the Command during a break sang songs and played football.
the Photo: from Alexander`s ponomareva archive

Gomel permjakam very much was pleasant.
a photo: from Alexander`s ponomareva archive