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The second attempt of presidential elections of Moldova will take place on May, 28th

Today`s presidential elections of Moldova with a crash have failed.

there was no all one voice that communists could select Zynaida Grechanuju the president of Moldova in the first tour.

two candidates apply For this fast: the operating prime minister Zynaida Grechanaja who has been put forward by plenum of Communist Party, and academician Stanislav Gropa, too have offered whose nominee communists.

For the prime minister - the minister 60 deputies of parliament whereas 101 voice is necessary have voted.

Because anybody from two candidates for presidents has not collected necessary quantity of votes - the three fifth deputies from total, it is necessary to organise repeated presidential elections - has explained new   the speaker of parliament Vladimir Voronin.

the Opposition did not participate in voting. Oppositional fractions have simply left session of parliament of Moldova on which there should be known a name of the new president of the country on Wednesday, passes RIA Novosti news agency.

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