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On Stavvropole prepare for congress of orthodox women of Russia

At the next session of organising committee perovogo congress of orthodox women of Russia the initiative of the Stavropol theological seminary and the Stavropol base medical college on establishment of the award of a name of Rimmy Ivanovoj " has been supported; For sacrifice and mercy .

the Organizing committee of congress which will take place at the initiative of the Stavropol and Vladikavkaz archdiocese on May, 12th in Stavropol, has held the session within the precincts of a Theological seminary which pro-rector an archimandrite the Novel (Lukin) on blessing of the Archbishop of Stavropol and Vladikavkaz Feofana, conducts work on forum preparation.

Participants of session have supported the offer on establishment of the award named in memory of the sister of mercy, unique of women of IV degree awarded the order Sacred Georija.

Rimma Ivanov was born on June, 15th, 1894 in the city of Stavropol in a family of the treasurer of a spiritual consistory. Has ended a course of the Olginsky grammar school and began to work as the national teacher in zemskoj to village school Petrovsky. With the First World War beginning has returned to Stavropol and has ended courses of nurses. Upon termination of courses worked in a diocesan infirmary for wounded warriors.

on January, 17th, 1915 Rimma Ivanov has left the volunteer on front. On September, 9th, 1915 in Carpathians at village Dobroslavka during Rimma Ivanov`s fight under fire assisted wounded men. When during fight both officers of a company were lost, it has lifted a company in attack and has rushed on enemy entrenchments. The position was is taken, but the heroine has received a mortal wound an explosive bullet in a hip. To it 21 year was executed.

the First rewarding by again founded award will take place during congress.