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To wake up in 6 mornings: sentry or hurrah?

Feel tired, hardly having lowered feet from a bed, after a dinner the head pig-iron drives in a dream, and by the evening? Probably, a problem that you were included into the contradiction with the « an inner clock ».

After all the person, as well as all live, depends on biorhythms - seasonal, week and daily. And we, thanks progress, do all at the wrong time - we eat, we sleep and even we make love! The British scientists, writes « The Daily Mail » assure: observing a certain daily routine, we should feel better and be tired less. Here it in brief.

we solve problems and we buy boots strictly on hours!

6. 00. Time to make love! Doctor Pam Spur is assured: sex with utretsa is more useful to an organism, than night caresses. After all in rassvetnye hours there is a considerable emission of hormones, including sexual. And in the evening our hormonal system already sleepy, and effect at all that. Things are easy - to part forcibly in such wound the half. Or not to part forcibly?.

7. 00. Have breakfast. It is possible even a piece of bacon and a bun. Calories from an early breakfast almost completely « tidies up » a brain, ogolodavshy for a night (know, how much energy takes away from it « translation » for you dreams!) . There is an opinion that on a waist settle only those fats and carbohydrates that have got to an organism after 12 days.

7. 15. take vitamins. Some of them, including group B vitamins, operate also as stimulators. So they are better for accepting in the morning. But not on a hungry stomach, differently they will be too quickly processed and deduced with urine.

With 8. 00 to 10. 00. Take away a little bit time for solar baths. At least postojte on a balcony or pass ostanovochku on foot. It doesn`t matter, if day cloudy: the ultraviolet gets and through clouds. And without it the vitamin D very necessary for mood, bones and teeth is not developed.

With 10. 00 to 11. 00. Understand with problems! At this time the brain is especially adjusted on decision-making. The left hemisphere responsible for the logic and cold calculation more actively works.

With   13. 00   to 13. 30. Optimum time for a dinner. The digestive system works at the full capacity. The food will not stoop down on a stomach, and will do the way, delivering you only pleasant satiety.

With 15. 00   to 16. 00. Walk. It will allow to avoid drowsiness in the next hours see you in the evening. If to slip away from work it is impossible, simply walk on corridors, give work to feet.

With 18. 00   to 19. 00. Ajda on shops! Especially behind footwear. Scientists have found out that by this time of days the foot can increase for one size (terrestrial gravitation « drives » a liquid to foot). And here the boots bought on morning, can not approach for daily socks.

With 19. 00   to 19. 30. Have supper and drink a wine glass. At this time the liver develops a maximum of enzymes. It allows it, not strongly straining, to neutralise negative action of alcohol and to digest fried and fat food.

With 21. 30   to 22. 30. Prepare for a dream. Do quiet domesticities, take a bath. For an hour to a dream - any negotiations on phone, sitting behind a computer and the more so scandals! Hour before going to bed defines mood and state of health next days.



Early you rise, heart you will save up

Tamara OGIEVA, the cardiologist:

- I « a lark » also I consider that early awakening gives vivacity and a clear head for all day. I judge and on the patients: cores, in particular hypertensive persons, start to feel much better, when correct a mode. At those who rises in 7 - 8 mornings, pressure is stabler during the day, torment headaches less often. To a question on biorhythms.

There is such science - hronofarmakologija. Studies drug intake on hours depending on activity of hormones and different systems of an organism. An interesting piece. For example, the prescription of medicines, lowering pressure in 20. 00 and 22. 00, has helped some patients to lower a daily dose on a quarter! But in each case, of course, it is necessary to consult to the doctor.

As to so early sex... A matter of taste. Though as the cardiologist I will tell that for heart really it is more safe to make love in the mornings, when pressure of vessels and arterial pressure more low, than in the evening.


do not awake « owls »!

Anatoly HERMAN, the family psychotherapist:

- Biortimy at everyone are individual. It is impossible people rigidly « to break » and to force to jump in 6 mornings. Anything, except weakness and depression, it will not bring. In my opinion, the main indicator of, a leah it is necessary to you to live in this mode, - harmony between loadings and your feelings.

it is not necessary to force surrounding to live in that mode which is comfortable to you. I had patients on the verge of divorce from - that it « an owl » It   « a lark ». At first wildly swore, send then in addition that lived in one apartment as though « by turns » - it lays down, it rises. It was necessary to tinker, that they have understood that is not necessary ultimatums and attempts « to reforge » each other. It is just necessary to spend together that part of days when both are active. Is, of course, and rough infringements of biorhythms which need to be treated (for example, a chronic sleeplessness or exclusively nocturnalism). But it is in most cases more safe to select nevertheless work under own biorhythm, than to make violence over self.