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Time to put cucumbers and cabbage

Judging by that in May the bird cherry has early blossomed, next three months should be warm and solar. And here an oat crop, grechihi and millet, most likely, will collect small as on Egorija morning was on May, 6th roast. However summer opposite will be born. Spoke: « If on Mark (on May, 8th) clear day - wait good gathering summer ».    
In the people considered that since May, 19th there comes time for landing of cabbage and cucumbers. That shoots belokochannoj grew quickly, sentence: « not be golenasta, be puzasta; not be empty, be hard; not be red, be tasty! » and the most important thing - do not suppose to sadovo - to garden affairs the man: after all « if the muzhik they will blossom plants vegetables, but will not give a fruit ».

Storm rains which have fallen recently upon our area - a good sign. Year means will be fertile on a birth of children. Force and spirit health foretells also a warm May wind. If you want kind summer, listen attentively till the end of a month to singing of birds. That who among chirping of birds distinguishes singing of a nightingale, it will be happy at least till the end of autumn. So ancient slavs considered.  


Spring thunder-storms will stop on Thursday

Voronezhtsy already almost have got used to that does not do without day a thunder-storm and a rain. Clear c mornings the sky suddenly starts to frown, flies a wind and in some minutes a wall it is raining. As weather forecasters have assured us, already from tomorrow rains will stop, and becomes a bit more cool - plus 22 - 24. Will be about 12 degrees of heat at night.

the Forecast for these days:

Today, on Wednesday, on May, 19th, at night +13... +15. In the afternoon +21... +23. Slightly overcast. A rain, a thunder-storm. Wind of variable directions, 4 - 9 m/ with.

On Thursday, on May, 20th, at night +12... +14. In the afternoon   +21... +23. Slightly overcast. A wind severo - east, 6 - 11 m/ with.

On Friday, on May, 21st, at night +12... +14. In the afternoon +22... +24. Slightly overcast. A wind east, 7 - 12 m/ with.

On Saturday, on May, 22nd, at night +10... +12. In the afternoon +22... 24. Slightly overcast. A wind east, 7 - 12 m/ with.