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Students have acted with reports on the Great Patriotic War

on May, 13th in the Saratov branch of Modern humanitarian academy has passed annual regional scientifically - practical conference « Link of times - communication of generations ».

this year it has been devoted 65 - letiju Victories in the Great Patriotic War. Students of the third participated in conference and the fifth years of several high schools: the Saratov and Balakovsky branches of Modern humanitarian academy, PAGSa P.A.Stolypina`s name, Saratov GAU N.I.Vavilov`s name, Volga region branch MIIT …

Students chose subjects of the works independently. According to the director of Saratov branch SGA of Tatyana Ivanushkinoj, they have approached to conference more than seriously: With support of supervisors of studies have prepared deep under the maintenance, interesting, emotional performances. It was felt that the subject of the Great Patriotic War, tragedy which has concerned each family, is close also to them. Quite often lecturers were based not only on well studied scientific material, but also the facts of history of the family, memoirs of those years. They remembered the relatives who have not come back from fields battles. They would like to show participation in Great Patriotic War events, to show interest this problematics, an urgency of the researches.

not casually conference consisted of three sections in which were considered psychological, economic and cultural - historical aspects of the Great Patriotic War (« psihologo - pedagogical questions in military and post-war society » « Socially - economic and economic - legal aspects of the Great Patriotic War » « Cultural - historical aspects of the Great Patriotic War ») .

Participants of conference attentively listened to all performances, entered discussion on the most different questions. A leah it is possible to avoid a confrontation, in what the main difference of camp economy of the Second World War what is covered behind opposition of persons Hitler and Stalin?. The most independent were put forward, frequently inconsistent judgements. It was obvious that the subject of conference has left nobody indifferent, moreover, has forced on - new to look at many moments of our history.

Students, representatives of present youth wondered: how would arrive on a place of heroes of those years? Would go on front in 16 years? That on a broader scale for them means concept « patriotism »?

- It was very pleasant to see that the youth has a pressing forward to formation of scientific thinking that, receiving knowledge, students try to find of them application in practice, use in real life, - Tatyana Ivanovna has noted in conversation with us. - Similar scientifically - practical conferences urged to help them with it. I can tell that the graduates of Modern humanitarian academy actively participating in similar actions, quite often continue training in a magistracy, postgraduate study, arrive in doctoral studies. It « gold grain » youth which, really, is claimed. Our problem as high school in every possible way to support such students, to help their versatile development. That is why we will organise meetings with interesting people, we conduct the annals. So, on the eve of May, 9th we have congratulated veterans, have organised a meeting « Link of times - communication of generations ». Thanks to assistance of the chairman of the council of veterans of Lenin area of Saratov Galinas Andreevny Mushty whom separate thanks would be desirable to tell, students of Saratov branch SGA could communicate to participants of operations, workers of back. On the threshold of the Victory feast the Saratov branch SGA has carried out the action « Present a smile to the veteran »: when our students on city streets handed over to townspeople Georgievsky ribbons and gave colourful spheres with cheerful drawings. And saratovtsy in turn gave us smiles which embodied on a photo. The invitation of our students to session « became one more important event; a round table » « Patriotic education of youth » which has taken place in memorial estate N. G.Chernyshevsky. It is pleasant that to employees of a museum, participants of discussion, it was important to learn opinions of students of Saratov branch SGA.

On pages « » we told time and again about those socially significant actions which pass in Modern humanitarian academy constantly. Space bridges, the All-Russia video conferences in a mode it - a line, meetings with interesting people, KVN games... Kind tradition of high school of a steel of visitation by students and teachers of Saratov branch SGA of theatres, meetings with actors. Not so long ago they managed to visit storehouse of theatre of dolls « Teremok » to become participants of the creative meetings organised by this theatre.

- We support student`s activity as it helps the future experts to become more organised, self-assured, - Tatyana Ivanushkina notices. - The analysis the express train - poll of laboratory of complex social researches of Saratov branch SGA has shown, social activity how much favorably influences development of potential possibilities of students how much it raises motivating to training. We have drawn a conclusion that similar support is simply necessary for young men. Therefore and this time following the results of conference we not only have noted the best works, have directed them to Moscow for participation in the all-Russian competition of student`s scientific works declared by Modern humanitarian academy, but also to each participant have given out the nominal certificate.

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