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In Chelyabinsk to children will present sweets, and to benefactors - a supper with a star

on June, 1st, in Day of protection of children, in Chelyabinsk will try to please those who grows without a family.

- We are going to take out to puppet theatre of orphans from ones and a half till three years, - organizers of a feast have informed journalists. – some of them never saw neither the bus, nor theatre. Only the tutors yes a mountain ash behind a window.

To children who cannot move from - for physical inabilities, benefactors will arrive. By taxi cars « the Autolady » sponsors will bring the gifts collected by townspeople. And also the gifts. This year quantity « kindness routes » has grown, now them 29. These are hospitals where conscientious objectors lie, branches for a HIV - infected children, the Centers for juvenile minors, gardens for visually impaired children.

Children the logopedist and the psychologist

will free of charge consult the Feast   will pass on several platforms of a city. The organised groups wait at chamber both doll theatres and circus. Other children with families – in Gagarin`s park and on Kirovke where publishers will spend a marathon for families « the Best books – to children ».

- On Kirovke (with 12. 00 to 18. 00 hours) it will be possible to meet the South Ural poets and writers, - Marina Volkova has informed the publisher. - Free of charge to consult with the logopedist and the children`s psychologist, to buy children`s books « from zero indefinitely ».

Konno - sports club « Pegas » will meet honours pupils and participants of the Olympic Games: children   will get acquainted and will communicate to beautiful and noble animals.

to Sponsors - parachute jump

- the Municipal duma will organise feasts from deputies on 37 platforms of a city, - Natalia Baskova has reported the deputy. – the Duma has allocated 2   thousand sweet prizes. Any child will not leave from a feast without a gift.

All the Chelyabinsk sponsors intend to endow children (inhabitants of children`s homes, boarding schools, children`s homes) 10 thousand gifts where will enter sweets, the book and a toy.
and one of organizers of the Feast intends to spend in its threshold auction of non-material prizes for benefactors. 150 rich people of Chelyabinsk will gather in « VIP - a drawing room » also will buy unusual prizes. Them about fifteen. It « a supper with a star » « a jump on a parachute » « dance with the world champion » and others. From them organizers keep a part a secret. It is known that as a star black singer Grejs Keri who sings in French will act. The price of prizes – from 1 to 20 thousand roubles. All obtained money will go on philanthropy to the Chelyabinsk child care centres.

And one of feasts by Day of protection of children Timur Rodriguez will conduct.  

- Surprises will be – come! – has invited Valentine Kibizova`s townspeople.
When the exact program will be made, we will publish it on our site.


Where cheljabintsy can give things for children`s homes and shelters

to Children toddlers, pampers, means on care of a skin, toys, children`s mixes and mashed potatoes, and also juice are necessary.

on May, 30th in the centre two rallying points &ndash at 12 o`clock will open; in a city garden of a name of Pushkin and TSPKIO Gagarin`s name.

In Kurchatovsky area means will accept from 9 o`clock till 17 o`clock in children`s library 10 to the address: the Komsomol prospectus, 41.

In Leninsk area the action will pass on the area near a complex « the Aurora ».

In Metallurgical the point will work from 10 o`clock till 13 o`clock in square in the street Khmelnitskiy, and also from 9 o`clock till 17 o`clock in management sotszashchity to the address: Degtyaryov`s street, 49, and in legal technical school along the street 50 years VLKSM, 1.

inhabitants Traktorozavodsky area can bring the necessary things in the Garden of Victory from 11 o`clock till 13 o`clock.

Next day, on June, 1st, representatives of public associations of Chelyabinsk will carry things on child care centres. In so-called « good routes » all children`s homes, boarding schools and city shelters will enter.