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The cosmodrome is necessary to Estonia!

time will come, and space tourism begins to develop actively and why this industry 21 - go century not to develop in our country?

In Estonia it is necessary to construct the cosmodrome, considers Rajner Nylvak who not simply puts forward interesting ideas, but does all to realise them. It is enough to remember its project « we Will make! ».

that Estonia not to manage in the future without own atomic power station, it is told widely enough, even the sum - 80 billion crones in which its building will manage is named.

So why for the same of 80 billion crones not to construct the cosmodrome, considers Nylvak and results sensible arguments « for »: we will get access to modern space technologies, we will create hi-tech workplaces. Estonia, becoming a member of the European space agency, has already taken a step to this direction.

It can be the ecological cosmodrome using power decisions of following generation.

Estonia, tells Nylvak, perfectly approaches for cosmodrome building as is in seismically stable region. It is necessary to find a suitable place, but with it too there will be no problems because it is enough such places.

After all nobody says that the cosmodrome should be same big, as Baikonur. The nearest cosmodrome from us, located in Sweden, in Kiruna, occupies enough small ground. We could construct the cosmodrome near Aegvijdu or near to the sea.

For space tourism, continues Nylvak, is better suborbital flights which are many times cheaper than the orbital approach.

the British magnate Richard Brenson has already presented the idea of space tourism and has shown an air vehicle with which help is going to send tourists in space.

Moreover, he has already signed the contract with the Swedish cosmodrome in Kiruna, planning to begin flights in 2012 and every week to make three - four flights in space. Almost 300 potential tourists have already translated Bensonu a down payment for flight almost in one million crones.

In the world, marks Nylvak, it is much less than cosmodromes (nearby 20), than the atomic power station (more than 400). In Finland, for example, four nuclear reactors, in Russia - more than hundred.

Let Finns specialise on atomic energy, and we will go the way. Also it is necessary to hurry up, and as though Latvians us have not outstripped that, after all the Riga airport the dumping prices has already moved the Tallinn airport from the market of aviatransportations.

In a word, it is necessary to think on a substantial scale, tells Nylvak.

Transfer: Anna Maksimova