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In the Chelyabinsk area the drunk militiaman has brought down the bicyclist

This road accident has occurred even in the summer of 2009. But investigation has ended just now. The guy who has got under wheels, very long lay in hospital, and physicians to its extract could not establish harm to health (in similar cases this procedure is necessary).

the Chief of a call centre of police station of settlement May Day that under Korkino, has come on a visit to the relative who has arrived from the north. Muzhiks sat in garage, were picked the car, passing one bottle of beer for another.

- Give   to sweep on the old woman, - the militiaman has asked.

- Drag, - the relative who has become kinder after beer has responded.

the Couple has sat down in not so new « Toyota » also has got under way. Legkovushka drove on the central street Korkino which wound a little. On one such turn the captain has not managed to drive and has taken down 20 - the summer bicyclist who peacefully went on a roadside.

- According to the expert, speed legkovushki at the moment of collision made 80 kilometres per hour, - has told « the head of investigatory department on the city of Korkino of investigatory management at Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia on the Chelyabinsk area Sergey Kister, - Blow has had on the bicyclist. Then the car has taken off after the journey, ran into a tree, it has turned over and has appeared on a roof.

the guy who has Appeared under wheels, the honours pupil of local school, half a year has lain in hospital, at it crisis of several vertebras. It goes till now on doctors, process of restoration after such trauma very long. The militiaman driving, too has appeared in hospital, it had brain concussion and bruises. But its traumas of inspectors have not moved to pity.

- Concerning the captain of militia criminal case as regards 2 articles 264 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (infringement of traffic regulations is brought and operation of the vehicles, the causing which has entailed on imprudence of heavy harm to health of the person), - is told by Sergey Kister. – the Suspect now is under a subscription about nevyezde. To it threatens till three years of imprisonment.