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Take health of the child in hand!

each parent knows: there is nothing more terribly illness of the child. Meanwhile from every possible illnesses nobody is insured: a chicken pox, cold, krasnuha, a decayed tooth... Who did not pass something similar? However besides such usual illnesses which, yes, deliver many troubles, but nevertheless are well studied and give in to treatment, there are more artful – hereditary diseases.

About one of twenty children at a birth has any hereditary diseases or congenital developmental anomaly. The list of such illnesses big, many of them very rare. If the married couple for any reasons is disturbed by a birth of the child with hereditary disease, it is necessary for it to pass mediko - genetic consultation.

Throughout 30 years in our region in it is engaged Altay multi-region mediko - genetic consultation. The main task of this service – Preventive maintenance of a hereditary and congenital pathology; diagnostics for the purpose of prevention of possible complications.

– Various pathologies can be revealed even before merge of sexual cages. To be shown they begin with the first days of pre-natal development, for example, by the abortions which have stood beremennostjami, various developmental anomalies of a fruit and etc. After the delivery, during the further life are shown in the form of the most different infringements: physical and intellectual development. An order of 90 % of hereditary illnesses it is shown at children`s age – before puberty, – speaks managing Altay multi-region mediko - genetic consultation (MGK) to. M. n. Alexander NIKONOV.

Mediko - genetic consultation can help at all stages of development of the person: Still to and during pregnancy, after a birth of the child, and also to the adult people, wishing to know, what hereditary illnesses can trap them at mature and senile age (for example, Alzheimer`s disease) – to warn illness or to lower risks of its development.

– First of all, to us the families disturbed by health of the future child are converted. For example, the pair plans pregnancy, but is afraid, because in a family someone something was ill. Abroad this normal phenomenon – marrying, men and women are interested in health of the elect, its relatives. At us, unfortunately, it while a rarity, – Alexander Nikonov speaks. – So, the pair comes. We find out, a leah is the bases to worry. A leah is disease stirring them hereditary. If yes, as it is shown, treated or not, a leah it is possible to diagnose it vnutriutrobno – till a birth of the child. Everything that about the revealed illness is known, we tell consulting, and they independently make this or that decision. We do not give recommendations: to give birth or not. We give out only actual information.

the Following stage on which in MGK help parents – the pregnancy period. For example, to pregnancy the woman was not surveyed, and has then learnt that in a sort at it children with illness of Down were born.

– Our problem – to define, a leah has its child risk to be born with this illness. If yes – to carry investigation of chromosomes of a fruit in 10, and then in 20 weeks – it allows to tell from 100 % a guarantee, a leah is infringement of chromosomes, – Nikonov speaks.

Meanwhile during pregnancy arises much and other questions demanding the decision. For example, at ultrasonic inspection in female consultation at the patient have found any deviation. In this case it is necessary to specify character of infringement.

– If defect incompatible with life – pregnancy interruption is recommended. Heart diseases (except for some), for example, are considered izlechimymi – it is possible to operate and cure the child. We invite the expert who explains to parents, what is this the defect, what operation is necessary, where it do, immediate operation is required or the delay in some months is possible... In each case we give the exhaustive information and as it to dispose – the family, &ndash always solves; Alexander Nikonov speaks.


Altay multi-region mediko - genetic consultation: Barnaul, Guschin`s street, 179, bodies. (3852 51 - 05 - 58.

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