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In 2010 will enter high school easier

As rules of enrolment of students in 2010 that waits for the Samara entrants in this summer have changed, on what specialities there will be the biggest competition - these and other questions on “ a round table “ in “ the chief of the department of vocational training and a science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Samara region Svetlana Dzhadzha, the pro-rector on formation and employment of contingent SGAU Sergey Lukachev, the pro-rector on study SGASU Alexander Gilev managing stand of economy and management in municipal economy SGASU Evgenie Yermolaev, the director of the Center dovuzovskoj have discussed preparations PGUTI Gennady Shevchenko and the dean of faculty dovuzovskoj preparations SamGmU Alexander Voronin.

the certificate Mean score again matters

- As rules of enrolment of students this year have changed? What innovations expect the Samara entrants?

Svetlana DZHADZHA:

- 2010 has brought at once some differences in rules of enrolment of students. In - the first, will be not three stages of transfer, and two, from July, 30th till August, 5th and from August, 5 till August, 10th. Children who are winners of the Olympic Games, tseleviki or exempts, can hand over documents till July, 30th. After reception of all statements is finished, the high school makes a rating of those who has submitted documents. If several children have equal quantity of points, and a place - one, first of all will enlist the entrant who has a right of primary receipt - the prize-winner of the Olympic Games, the medallist. If preferences are not present, the lucky beggar who has more than points on profile Unified State Examination becomes the owner of the student`s card. In case and on a profile quantity of points equally then in a selection committee can make a rating of entrants on a certificate mean score. Thus, if last year to the entrant the certificate mean score was unimportant, this year it can be of great importance at receipt.

the Second change in new year is connected with restriction of number of high schools and specialities on which it is possible to submit documents - no more than 5 high schools, no more than 3 directions in everyone. Besides, the minimum threshold of points, sufficient documents for giving, this year will establish each high school independently, and these figures can differ from recommended by Rosobrnadzorom. Certainly, positive moment is reduction of paper loading - this year it will not be necessary to assure copies of documents and to put to each statement of a photo and the Unified State Examination certificate, it will be enough simple to specify the typed points.


Sergey Lukachev.
the Photo: Michael DENISS

- this year adoptive campaign for all high schools will be uneasy. First of all it is, of course, connected with a demographic situation - in comparison with last year the quantity of graduates of schools in our province has decreased for 23 percent. Therefore to type   a contingent with high quality of knowledge, we will be   to be guided, including, on children from other regions. This tendency is not new, it exists in   a current   last several years. So, for example, last year in SGAU 45 percent of nonresident entrants have been enlisted.  

It would be desirable to pay attention to one circumstance of procedure of giving of statements and transfer on Unified State Examination. Children put in statements at once in some high schools. On the one hand is the blessing, with another - there is a situation, when entrants   block   each other a way   to transfer. At whom a good point on Unified State Examination, appears recommended to transfer at once in several   high schools, and at a certain stage   he does not inform   a selection committee, for example,   that leaves in other high school. As a result the entrant with   lower points, but the interested person by all means   to study   in SGAU, cannot arrive and runs there where to it receipt is guaranteed. Therefore I would recommend to entrants to be defined earlier with the choice and not to disturb each other.

Alexander GILEV:

- the Agiotage before adoptive campaign first of all is connected with stirring of parents of graduates. Psychologists say that today`s entrants mature more slowly, they in a greater degree - children, and therefore need in bolshem attention to them, both from parents, and from high schools. As to changes of rules of enrolment of students it occurs annually. To it have got used, and it does not call any complexities us. Reception rules in SGASU are placed on our site http:// www. sgasu. smr. ru/. There reception conditions, the list of introductory tests for various specialities and training directions are in detail stated procedure of carrying out of examinations. Judging by the hit counter of a site, this information entrants actively use. This year in rules restriction on quantity of directions or the faculties chosen by the entrant for participation in competition is entered. It should not be conceived as freedom in choosing restriction. Within the limits of one faculty (direction) there are many demanded specialities among which
entrants for certain can make an optimum choice.

Gennady of Shevchenko:

Gennady Shevchenko.
a photo: Michael DENISS

- I has found in rules of reception some important differences from last year. In - the first, this restriction of quantity of high schools and faculties on which it is possible to put in statements. I do not know, how it was possible to spend this norm in the Ministry of Justice because, in my opinion, it contradicts the Constitution, limiting the rights of entrants. As on a broader scale it is not clear, what for it is made, universities and have understood. The second essential change - needs to be spent now competition on the sum of three or four examinations. Earlier we so did not do, priority value had the physicist and the mathematician, and Russian went at offset level. And now to us the entrant with the humanitarian mentality, a having high point on Russian can theoretically arrive. But to study - that it cannot! Such cases already were. However, there are also positive changes, in particular, well that graduates of colleges can pass in high schools by results of interview not only on related specialities, but also on internal examinations of high school - on nerodstvenny
e specialities.

Alexander VORONIN:

- If other high schools compete among themselves for entrants from - for presence of related specialities, in a case to the Samara state medical university a situation other. Within alternative region to our high school is not present. Specificity of SamGMU consists that at a choice of medical and pharmaceutical specialities, especially medical, the key moment is the motivating. After all the medical speciality is a calling, and as though entrants about themselves thought, as a result everyone comes to comprehension of this fact. One more difference of SamGMU consists in clear split of entrants into schoolboys and graduates of medical and pharmaceutical schools.   for schoolboys an uncontested variant - Unified State Examination. I want to notice that our rector, the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science professor Gennady Petrovich Kotelnikov to the last constrained this transition, and we completely have passed to reception on Unified State Examination only last year. Graduates of medical and pharmaceutical schools have possibility to choose: or they pass the Unified State Examination, or introductory tests of high school.
it is natural, the most part of entrants chooses last variant, therefore here the high school has possibility itself to choose to itself the future students.

Separately it would be desirable to tell about target reception. This year the quantity tselevikov cannot make more than 20 percent from the reception general plan. Last year these figures made 30 percent and, in my opinion, such reduction is not so good, as tseleviki -   it motivirovannye, “ loaded “ on receipt people, it is the guaranteed and qualitative contingent. By the way, I will note one more positive innovation - now we have the right to enlist in the second wave the entrants who are in the list of a reserve, but at the moment of transfer of the documents which have given originals.


- In 2006 the Government of the Russian Federation has accepted the decision about a professional training for the enterprises oboronno - an industrial complex. “ TSeleviki “ which after the termination go   for work in the defensive industry, go “ over and above the plan “ 20 - percentage target reception. Our university prepares a considerable quantity of experts for the defensive industry. For children it is additional possibility to arrive on a selected speciality, as a lowest passing score for “ tselevikov “ oboronki more low. Under the defensive order     SGAU basically works with “ TSSKB - Progress “. It   the enterprise   today strong costs standing, is one of the most modern in Russia from the point of view   used technologies and   management, preparation   here is required; young shots on a wide spectrum of specialities.

Economists “ will cut down “

- What figures of reception to wait to the Samara high schools this year?

Svetlana DZHADZHA:

- the State task for preparation of experts federal high schools receive from Moscow, and these figures while are unknown. Under the preliminary information, the set plan decreases is disproportionate to quantity of graduates. Most likely, decrease in the plan of reception on humanitarian specialities will make to 20 percent. At the same time on technical specialities of decrease in quantity of budgetary places, probably, will occur on 8 - 10 %.


- this year the Ministry of Education is going to divide all Russian high schools into three categories - And, In and S

Depending on a category   will be   are defined   and reception estimated figures. In particular,   There is an information that at   not profile high schools (technical) all will be selected budgetary mealnosti.   Today   a considerable part of young men   wants to be economists, in spite of the fact that on a labour market   vacant places   for them is not present. Last year average competition on economic specialities in SGAU has made   50 persons into place.   to high schools of a category With   the reception plan   will lower to 60 percent, a category And - no more than 10 - 15 percent. But process   decrease   figures of reception and   quantities   high schools it is already begun. This year the first step is made - the order on branches has come. Those from them, where   the contingent of a full-time course of study makes less than 100 persons, after summer session will be closed.   probably, if to speak about quality   training,   it is correct.

Alexander GILEV:

Alexander Gilev.
the Photo: Michael DENISS

- some words in protection of branches Would be desirable to tell. For example, the Open institute (branch) SGASU in the city of Pohvistnevo works many years, has just undergone procedure of the next licensing and has obtained the new licence. Branches solve socially significant problems in small cities. In Pohvistnevo, for example, our branch in the last some years are the basic supplier of qualified personnel for the enterprises and area establishments. The branch brings the huge contribution to formation and development of the cultural and educational environment of a city.

As to reduction of economic specialities in technical colleges the estimation of it cannot be unequivocal. Samara state architecturally - the building university is today a large versatile high school with powerful educational structure. We prepare not only builders, architects, but also ecologists, economists, managers, designers. Within the limits of such educational consortium all listed directions of training are united by the general mission - creation of comfortable inhabitancy. This year we open new specialisation of an economic direction - “ the Organization of activity of the enterprises of housing and communal services “. It is in frameworks of the competence of university.


Evgenie Yermolaev.
a photo: Michael DENISS

- In SGASU unlike economic university on economic specialities teach many engineering disciplines, for example, “ engineering networks “ “ designing of architectural designs “ and others which reflect specificity of preparation and the further work of economists in building branch. By the way, many our students of technical specialities on 4 - m a course in parallel arrive on correspondence economic faculty and receive after protection of final works two diplomas at once - engineering and economic. Naturally, on a labour market their chances of good employment considerably increase.

Gennady of Shevchenko:

- We departmental high school, concern the Ministry of Communications and mass communications, and to us have already allocated budgetary places. In PGUTI there will be a reception on 450 budgetary places, so much, how much we asked. It for 10 percent is less, than last year but then the set increased by 10 percent, that is we, as a matter of fact, have returned to figure on which we work 54 years. At the same time   in PGUTI the spectrum of specialities has increased, that is now we do not type the big streams, and on each speciality it turns out on one group. Thus, the today`s entrant has a choice from the big spectrum of interesting demanded specialities, therefore I am assured that PGUTI successfully will pass a demographic hole.

- a leah remains this year reception on spetsialitet or high schools pass to two-level mode of study?


- About what bachelor degree there can be a speech in aircraft and rocket production? Transition to two-level system is discussed some years,   but the rational decision it is not found yet. I think that in SGAU to 40 % of specialities remain engineering, with preparation under the program spetsialiteta. At the same time we this year have translated to a bachelor degree 2 polygraphic specialities at press Institute.

Alexander GILEV:

- In SGASU practically on all directions of training is both a bachelor degree, and city councilHurrah is it is reflected in respect of reception. But while the employer with care concerns such graduates. In due course, probably, the situation will change.

Gennady of Shevchenko:

- PGUTI has started to prepare bachelors for one of the first in region, however while is spetsialitet, the bachelor degree is not in demand. Nevertheless, I am assured that when all high schools will pass to two-level mode of study at all of us it will be reduced to that to all to the same we will learn not for 5 years, and for 4 years. Yes, training becomes more intensive, but we will give knowledge to the students in full that they have been claimed on a labour market.

Alexander VORONIN:

Alexander Voronin.
the Photo: Michael DENISS

- System of preparation of bachelors is not entered in public health services at all, for today there is no standard base to employ the bachelor   in public health services sphere.

Graduates want to be stomatologists, architects and programmers

- What new specialities will appear in the Samara high schools this year?


- forthcoming educational year in SGASU specialisation " opens; the Organization of activity of the enterprises of housing and communal services “ (A speciality “ Economy and management at the municipal economy enterprise “) . Our high school became the third university in Russia, opened preparation of this sort of experts (after Kazan and Ekaterinburg). This speciality is very actual today, after all in housing and communal services sphere people of absolutely different trades and qualifications and even without any qualification work. This year we receive the positive decision on licence examination of new specialities. Among them: “ the State and municipal management “ with term of training five years and programs with assignment of additional qualifications “ the Manager of municipal service and a municipal economy “ and “ the Manager of municipal economy “. Reception of additional education by that who already works is possible. Under such programs through 1 - 2 years of training and total certification to the graduate stand out the diploma of the state sample with assignment of qualification and the right to be engaged in certain activity.


- this year SGAU within the limits of humanitarian institute opens a set on a speciality “ Public relations “. Today at many industrial enterprises the work a press - services, services on the public relations for which workers knowledge, both in the field of communications, and in industrial sphere is necessary. We also will prepare such experts.

Alexander VORONIN:

- this year in a humanity direction in SamGMU one more speciality - " will be opened; Social work “. Training will be spent here under bachelor degree programs.

- And on what specialities the biggest competition this year is predicted?


- On economic, of course, as budgetary places will strongly reduce to them. The most demanded today are and IŅ - technologists.

Alexander GILEV:

- In SGASU traditionally high competition at receipt on design faculty, there few budgetary places is expected. Classical specialities of architectural faculty, faculty PGS " are very popular among entrants; Industrial and civil building “ faculty FISPOS where prepare experts in water supply, water removal, environment protection, warmly - and to gas supply, - they always in the price. Interest and to programs of additional vocational training amplifies. This year among them have appeared new with assignment of qualifications: “ the Manager of municipal economy “ “ the Manager of municipal service and a municipal economy “ “ the Ecologist (in the field of building) “ “ the Expert in the field of ecological security “. The further development was received by bachelor degree programs “ Art criticism “ And “ the Fine arts “ and also specialities “ Graphic design “ and “ Socially - cultural service and tourism “. To the future graduates of schools is from what to choose.

Gennady of Shevchenko:

- the biggest competition in PGUTI on a speciality “ Public relations “ then “ Applied computer science in economy “ (50 - 60 persons), the speciality " is popular; Management of innovations “ on it we prepare engineers - managers. At entrants such specialities, as " use not smaller demand; Information systems and technologies “ “ the Software of computer facilities and the automated systems “ “ Multichannel telecommunication systems “ and others.

Alexander VORONIN:

- it is traditional the biggest competition in SamGMU on stomatologic faculty, on the second place - medical business, on the third - pharmacy. And last years we mark unexpectedly big competition on a speciality “ Economy and management at the enterprise (in public health services) “.

Hand over physics!

- And what to do to those children who have registered to pass the Unified State Examination in one subjects, but have then changed the decision, and now for receipt other subject is necessary to them?

Svetlana DZHADZHA:

- In that case it is necessary to come till July, 5th to a selection committee of high school and to take there a direction on Unified State Examination delivery on the second stage. That is you should hand over the subjects declared initially all the same, but you have a chance to pass additional examination of Unified State Examination if it is necessary for receipt. By the way, this year 4,5 thousand entrants   (It almost third of their number) have chosen for delivery on Unified State Examination the physics. It is a good indicator. Simply to parents have explained that this year the Samara graduates have a good possibility to arrive on budgetary places in technical colleges - set lath will not be lowered practically, and   the quantity of entrants will decrease for 23 percent!

Gennady of Shevchenko:

- I am very glad that at schools at last - that have allowed to hand over the physics, after all earlier many teachers dissuaded children to choose this subject on Unified State Examination, being afraid thus to spoil school indicators. And after all the physics opens before entrants of a door in any technical college! Therefore I want to wish graduates: hand over physics, let even in the second wave. And it is preliminary possible to freshen knowledge on preliminary courses in PGUTI which start on June, 25th. By the way, such courses become rather useful to graduates of colleges and schools who have decided to arrive in high school by results of internal examinations of high schools.

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