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We choose cherepashku

- Hi, Musja. We very much want to get at home a turtle. Heard that sometimes sellers palm off patients of reptiles. Advise how correctly to choose the pupil.

Anja Travkina.

- to Buy turtles it is necessary only in specialised shops, in the market the probability is very great that you will manage a sick animal. First of all it is necessary to examine an animal attentively. External appearance can tell about much. To begin with put cherepashku on an equal surface and check up skin folds, pincers here can hide, as a rule, they disappear at a tail, on a neck and round eyes. On water turtles sometimes there are bloodsuckers.

pay attention that the armour should be strong and the correct form. Otherwise before you a sick animal. The skin cherepashki should be without stains and cracks, and the head - without horn outgrowths which disturb to the pupil is.

Healthy cherepashka if it to take in hands, it will be obligatory to resist - to twist a head and to swing paws.

at purchase necessarily take an interest at sellers, to what size the pupil will grow. Consider that the large individual to look after more difficult.

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