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Charlotte from black crackers with a cherry

to prepare this dish, such products be required to you: 700 grammes of the frozen cherry, 6 eggs, 150 grammes of sugar, a milk glass, 140 grammes of the kindled butter, 1,5 glasses of ground black crackers, salt on taste, a cinnamon teaspoon, cherry kissel. A cherry leave to be defrozen in a colander that it has let out all juice, and prepare dough. Crush in a blender crackers from black bread. Separate yolks from fibers and pound yolks with sugar. Gradually pour in a glass of milk and the kindled butter. In the received weight add ground crackers and carefully mix. Separately shake up fibers with a salt pinch. In the basic part of the test put cinnamon and add a cherry. All mix, enter beaten up whites of eggs and accurately mix to homogeneous weight. Ready dough lay out in the oiled form and send in the oven which has been warmed up to 180 degrees, for 50 minutes. To submit to a table with cherry kissel.

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