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What emerges in water FAMILY in the spring?

behind development of scandal round water FAMILY remembered by unpredictability of structure and affinity to a cemetery, «» watches for a long time. In our disposal there were the shots made on a churchyard of village of Egorevsky Masljaninsky area: snow, for a winter accumulated on mogilkah, has thawed, and streams of vernal water have directed in lowlands. Natural natural process, no more - with that only the amendment that it results just there where from - under the earths water FAMILY spring is extracted.

the Water fence has deluged a high water

Look at a photo: the water fence is surrounded by the present lake from thawed snow which looks not so appetizing, and for the devoted person - is simple pugajushche. If you never were in Egoryevsk, we will explain alarms of inhabitants of Novosibirsk that is called, popularly. The water fence is a place where water is extorted from - under the earths. And in a bosk over it, a little more to the right, - a cemetery where still snow recently lay. Now the earth has thawed, and the formed substance already in the liquid state laps round a water fence.

And after all the neighbourhood with a cemetery called trouble of consumers even in the winter of last year. That factory on pouring « natural » waters FAMILY spring is in several hundreds metres from a cemetery, publicly officials time and again confirmed: a management of Rospotrebnadzora on NSO, deputies of Council of deputies of a city of Novosibirsk and even committee of the State Duma on security … the Siberians disturbed by suspicious silence of the manufacturer, guessed: a leah thawed snow with elements of what is on a cemetery can, to get to an underground lens of water from which how the manufacturer declares, water spreads practically in a primordial form? Raised the doubts of townspeople and that, such water for children to whom the manufacturer so recommends in an advertising campaign the product is how much safe.

With each month scandal grew … the Independent expert appraisal has found in water FAMILY spring chlorine which in an underground reservoir cannot be. Management of federal antimonopoly service across the Novosibirsk region investigated advertising « the Siberian source » also has come to a conclusion that infringement of the advertising legislation, simply - a deceit of consumers is available.

These events were a subject of plural publications and discussions, a subject for researches of serious public organisations … And this week in Novosibirsk scale conference on quality butilirovannoj waters to which have invited representatives of nine largest manufacturers of this product from the Novosibirsk region and Altai has taken place.

« the Answer have not received till now »

Organizers of this action - the Regional society of protection of the rights of consumers of V.F.Kashtanova - have bought nine kinds butilirovannoj waters and have carried out the analysis in officially accredited independent laboratory. And then have generalised the data in the table which have shown at conference to representatives of the manufacturers, supervising bodies (Rospotrebnadzora and Rostovarkontrolja), to experts and journalists.

- Unfortunately, representatives « the Siberian source - 1 » have not reacted to our invitation to take part in conference, - Larissa Moiseyev, the chairman of the Society ascertained. - Besides, our organisation sent questions on quality of water FAMILY spring to the manufacturer, however we have not received answers till now … Any documents confirming quality of their water, it has not been given.

And to talk it was valid about what. For example, whence in water FAMILY spring nitrates (and in enough serious concentration - 7,68 milligrammes on litre), and the main thing - chlorine which was found out by check and which presence in butilirovannoj to water is simply inadmissible? According to a regional society of protection of the rights of consumers of V.F.Kashtanova, in tests of this substance there were 0,056 milligrammes on litre.

- chlorine Presence says that it has been used at water disinfecting as chlorine connects organic chemistry, - has commented on the data of researches Valentine Zanosova`s hydrobiologist.

Better to say, it is possible to assume that the manufacturer, most likely, is simply urged to choose from two harms - or microbes and other delights of an organic origin, possibly, brought by thawed snow, or chlorine, from which harm nevertheless it is less, than from ptomaine.

But as it has already been told, openly clears up the point of view on this data the manufacturer could not. Only next day, probably, carefully having collected the thoughts, the manufacturer … has short urged the public not to believe declared on conference, and also has threatened journalists « possible consequences » publications. Thus once again having left from public discussion.