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The diver was gone in Murmansk area

Has passed hardly more weeks after tragedy when in Mishukovo the diver has sunk, risked to get out in the sea, despite storm warning. And here a new misfortune - in a coastal zone of settlement Teriberka after immersing one more has not emerged on a surface ekstremal.

Six Muscovites by three cars have arrived at coast of Barents sea on the eve of the 1st of May. About the visit, according to the head of group, they have informed only to frontier guards, thus without having registered in poiskovo - saving group. Besides among them there was nobody from the local gurus well knowing subtleties of immersing in northern waters.

the First weather was quiet. Especially all occurred in a lip Lodejnoj where and at a strong wind the wave is not especially dispersed. In 13. 00 head of group and two beginners have gone on immersing. In twenty minutes already under water to one of young children it became bad, and while the skilled diver assisted, the second has dropped out of sight. Also was gone!

Muscovites within six hours independently tried to find the gone skin-diver, but it is vain. Only in 20. 32 they have reported the accident in Kola ROVD.

Two days rescuers searched for the gone diver. Without results. The matter is that in area Teriberki the sea-bottom has the features - there are holes to 70 metres depth where divers cannot get. Therefore yesterday searches have been stopped. The young man is considered the missing person. At 23 - the summer Muscovite there was a small child.

And next day after teriberskoj tragedies 55 - summer inhabitant Snezhnogorska on a snowmobile has got to an ice-hole on   the Verhnetulomsky water basin. Get out it could not.   the body of the victim has been taken from water by rescuers BUT Aleksandrovsk.

This place at polar fishermen is popular. Therefore even preventions of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of sharp thawing of ice of fans of ice fishing do not stop.

- Unfortunately, we cannot forbid to leave on fishing, and our recommendations not always happen are heard, - has explained the employee a press - services GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Murmansk area Tatyana Abramova.